Businessman Carlos Bremer wants to ‘revive’ Veracruz

Businessman Carlos Bremer left open the possibility of being able to help the Red Sharks of Veracruz to exist again in Liga MX

MEXICO — Charles Bremerpresident and CEO of VALUE Financial Groupleft open the possibility of reviving the Veracruzthis after he said that he would meet with the state governor, Cuitláhuac García to see the sports projects of the state.

“Right now we are looking at other projects, such as basketball or why not, seek to recover my namesakes, the Veracruz Sharks. I am going to see the governor to see them because he brings ‘parent’ projects and see what we can participate in, ”said the businessman to local media in Veracruz.

And it is that Bremer is one of the businessmen who has invested the most in recent years in Mexican sports, so it would not be strange if they seek to revive the franchise, which was disaffiliated in 2019 by the Mexican Soccer Federation.

bremer He argued that it could happen like the baseball team, the Eagle, which is a historic franchise for that sport in Mexico.

“The Eagle was revived and we participated very strongly there because we have baseball in our blood. We put a lot of effort into it since last year,” said the Mexican businessman.

At the moment, there have been many rumors about reviving the escualo team, but there is nothing clear about the future of a franchise in the state, because so far there is no businessman who has publicly expressed his desire to recover the team.

The Sharks they lost the category and were disaffiliated in 2019 because they violated various statutes of the Mexican Federation and the MX League, such as the lack of liquidity on the part of the then owner, Fidel Kuri Grajales.

Even, in the face of non-compliance with payments and the claims of the players, the Federation made use of an emergency fund to cover part of the debts.

“There is a revocation of the franchise, from this moment the players of the Veracruz club are released and can be hired with the club they want,” he said. louis yonpresident of the FMF at the time.

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