And all for playing Fortnite: 5 YouTube celebrities who got the car of their dreams

Hard to believe, but here at TORK we bring you the stories of 5 ‘youtubers’ who managed to buy the luxury cars they wanted so much and they did it just to play and shine in the Fortnite video game.

Many consider it a stroke of luck, but the reality is that creating content on the Internet is already considered a profession and a decent way to make a living to get ahead. At TORK we bring you the story of 5 ‘youtubers’ who dedicated themselves to shine so much in video games that they ended up earning a fortune and thus getting the exotic car they always dreamed of.

5. Lachlan Power

Lachlan is, without a doubt, one of the most iconic content creators in Fortnite. The Australian ‘youtuber’ was one of the few ‘streamers’ in the world who were chosen by Epic Games to have their own custom ‘skin’ within the game. Of course, that event and the amount of videos that he has published about this game have allowed him to have large profits to be able to buy a Tesla Model X P100D.

4. The Grefg

The Murcian has done with Fortnite what he wanted. As of today he is the main content creator for Spain and Latin America in this game. Just like Lachlan, The Grefg has his character within the title, with the difference that the launch of his ‘skin’ set the Guinness Record for having the largest number of viewers in a direct on the internet. There were 2.4 million people who accompanied him at this event. After this incredible show on Twitch, He bought a Tesla Model S in front of all his followers and now he is waiting for his order to arrive in Andorra.

3. Lolito Fernandez

Some years ago, Lolito Fernandez He was considered the best Spanish Fortnite player. Thanks to this video game, his life changed completely. Coming from a poor family, he got ahead and amassed an incredible fortune with which he had the luxury of buying a Lamborghini and a limited edition of a BMW.


This young professional player is considered, today, the most important ‘proplayer’ in Latin America in Fortnite. The Mexican has already demonstrated on several occasions the incredible skill that he has in this video game, being a reference for thousands of players who try to imitate his plays and movements. Of course, Jelty has made his fortune racing and that allowed him to buy his Corvette C8 supercar.


Vikkstar He is one of the biggest personalities creating content in the UK. Her main entertainment was always Fortnite and there she stood out with her ‘gameplays’. Thanks to this, he was able to get the car of his dreams: a beautiful and elegant Aston Martin Vantage V8.

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