A myth, the fame of quality in Cuban medicine: Mexican emergency physicians

The Association of Emergency and Disaster Medicine of Mexico (Amudem) considered it a “lack of respect” and brutal ingratitude” that Cuban doctors were hired by the federal government to attend to our country, when it was the Mexican doctors who “put the chest to the bullets” in the fight against Covid where dozens of his colleagues and family members lost their lives.

As part of the 30 medical colleges, associations and federations that have reproached President Andrés Manuel López Obrador for his stance towards Mexican doctors, the president of Amudem, Fabián Chable Chan, described the fame of the supposed superiority of medicine as a myth. The Cuban over the Mexican, as he recalled that at least the doctors from the island who arrived to help in the fight against the pandemic “never entered the Covid area” and even less knew how to respond to emergencies or seriously ill patients.

“I had the opportunity to see them work, to be with them, it is a myth, because they are general practitioners, they are not specialists, I recognize that Cuban medicine is very good but in the preventive area.

That is, doctors who are dedicated to public health, epidemiology, research, but when you have a seriously ill patient, a patient in critical areas such as the emergency room, intensive care unit or operating room, the doctors who came did not have the ability or knowledge to care for seriously ill patients. They did not even enter the Covid areas, they did not enter, ”he said.


In an interview with CRONICA, the AMUDEM leader warned that the health of the communities where they supposedly want to send Cuban doctors is at risk, especially in states such as Guerrero, Oaxaca and Chiapas, where the dialect and the uses and customs that subsist in many of these regions are sometimes insurmountable barriers for nationals, and will be even more so for foreigners to the detriment of the health of Mexicans in those places.

“If health is put at risk. Certainly the pathology is the same everywhere but you have to have the knowledge of how it develops in different areas.

I was in the highlands of Chiapas and there are still uses and customs here, so that is going to be very difficult for a foreign doctor. Second: the dialect barrier, Guerrero, Chiapas, Oaxaca. They are still places where the dialect is a barrier, so of course it is exposed to the population and also to the doctor, because you have to have the character and the expertise to live with the people of the community,

Know what their customs are, how they develop, there are people in the community who still find it difficult for the doctor to check their wives if they are pregnant. Of course, the health of the population is at risk.

As part of the 30 medical colleges, associations and federations that have reproached President Andrés Manuel López Obrador for his stance towards Mexican doctors, the president of Amudem, Fabián Chable Chan, reproached that the federal government did not fulfill its promise to grant places to the doctors who fought against Covd, who became unemployed as soon as they ceased to be useful, according to the criteria of the Health authorities.

“The pandemic ended and they were fired, they did not keep their word to base them, there was a lot of ingratitude, brutal ingratitude…”, he accused

The leader of the AMUDEM rejected that they incur in xenophobia or discrimination due to their refusal to hire Cuban doctors over Mexican ones, since he assured that doctors from Colombia, Panama, Bolivia and even Cuba have arrived, but they are “hands of qualified work”

“It is not racism or xenophobia at all, it is disagreement about how it is possible for the Mexican doctor to be displaced by people from another place but without having enough knowledge, on the one hand and on the other, to work in Mexico he must regularize his papers and have a visa. work, which doesn’t happen,” he explained.


Chable Chan announced that in the next few hours the 30 Colleges, Associations and Federations of medical specialists in Mexico will seek an institutional hearing with President Andrés Manuel López Obrador and the Secretary of Health, Jorge Alcocer, to analyze this situation and demonstrate that there is capacity in the Mexican doctors, for which they should not be displaced by the Cubans.

However, he warned that if there are no answers, they will take to the streets and hold demonstrations to protest this measure.

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