11 curiosities about the Cannes Film Festival that you probably didn’t know

Since 1946, 75 years ago, the Cannes Festival has been held, which rewards the talent of various film productions.

The Cannes Film Festival 2022 It has already started and throughout the day we have seen different celebrities parading like Eva Longoria, Jennifer Connelly, Tom CruiseAdriana Lima or Elle Fanning with impressive outfits worthy of being presumed in the Red carpet of one of the most important events for the film industry.

Cannesthe film Festival which has been carried out for 75 years with the aim of awarding the palm d’or independent productions and the most outstanding talent in the industry, in addition to showing us all the glamor and elegance of its guests, it also has some little known curiosities for his followers.


we share you 11 curiosities about the Cannes Film Festival that you surely did not know.

Red carpet

1. It measures more than two kilometers, it is changed three times a day and in total about 40 times throughout the festival.


2. In 2016, Julia Roberts caused a lot of controversy on his way through the Cannes carpet, since paraded barefoot and this was as a symbol of ‘rebellion’ to the event that requests a strict dress code.

The Palme d’Or

3. It is created since 1988 by High Jewelry artisans of the house french Chopard which at the same time sponsors the event.


4. The artisans it takes 40 hours making each piece integrated by 19 yellow gold leaf on a crystal cushion cut like a diamond.

5. In 1998 it was redesigned by Caroline Scheufele with a heart-shaped base that represents the second life of the trophy.


6. Since 2014, the award is considered more sustainable, since it is carried out with yellow ethical gold Fairmined certifiedwhich respects the environment.

Canceled editions

7. The film festival has been canceled five times. In 1939 by World War II, in 1948 Y 1950 due to lack of budget 1968 by the student protests in France and in 2020 due to the covid-19 pandemic.


Dress code

8. Although the dress code from Cannes is very strict, some celebrities have caused controversy by breaking the rules. In 2015, a group of women were kicked out of a screening of ‘Carol’ for not wearing heels, as this accessory is essential to wear at the festival. in 2016 Julia Roberts She went barefoot in protest of what happened the previous year.

Uncomfortable moments

9. One of the most awkward moments in Cannes was in 2002, when the filmmaker Gaspar Noah presented the tapeIrreversible” starring Monica Belluci and Vincent Cassel which contains a fairly explicit and strong sequence. Before the projection, some 250 people left the room and it is said that some received medical assistance for fainting.


10. in 2016, Julia Duecornau presented his first work “Crude” in the 69th edition of the festival and there something similar to what happened in 2002 happened, since several people left the room and it is even said that some of them lost consciousness.

eleven. Tarantino he had an awkward moment in 1994 when an assistant insulted him because he didn’t like the movie ‘Pulp Fiction’. In response to the comment, the director nodded to him and continued with his speech.


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