The video of Cardi B changing the nappy to the soft toy with her super nails

The video of Cardi B changing her diaper (to plush) with her super nails (Wednesday 18 May 2022)
The American rapper Thistles B, 29, shared a video where it shows, step by step, how changesre diapers even having the nails super as long as hers. In the video Thistles B explains that by now she is definitely used to doing everything with nails long, having had them like this since she was 10 years old. And also with regards to the changesking diapers, Thistles B showed that the nails long are certainly not a problem. “Believe me, you’ll get carried away! However, I think guys are harder to clean, they have more cracks, ”the rapper wrote in the caption of the post, posted on her Twitter profile. Okay girl sooo I just made a whole video ??? Trust me you will …Read on news.robadadonne

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