The reason Megan Fox takes her fiancé’s blood

In an interview with ‘Glamour’ magazine, Megan Fox, American actress, revealed details of her relationship with rapper and guitarist Colson Baker, known as Machine Gun Kelly, who is currently her fiancé.

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The couple has given something to talk about, since it was known that Fox and her husband agreed to a ring that would cut off the woman’s finger if she tried to take it off. Recently, both returned to generate controversy when Megan Fox told ‘Glamour’, that

The actress and the artist got engaged in July 2020. Megan Fox posted a video on her social media showing the moment the rapper asked for her hand. In the description of the publication, she told the story she had with her boyfriend and ended the publication by stating: “and then we drank each other’s blood.”

Faced with this, in an interview, Megan returned to comment on what she had said. “I think people imagine something like we’re having glasses full of our blood, ‘Game of Thrones’.” The woman clarified that this is not the case, but acknowledged that sometimes she has cut herself off with her partner and they consume drops of the other’s blood to seal their rituals.

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Fox assures that he is interested in esoteric practices, Tarot reading and astrology. For this reason, he affirms that the ceremonies he performs with his partner he wishes to keep private. He claimed that performs “full moon and new moon rituals”and asks Machine Gun to drink his blood, however, according to the woman, the rapper has no problem with this, and according to her, if it were up to him, he would give her liters of his blood.

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