The meeting at the Italian Grand Prix between Vin Diesel and Hamilton

Vin Diesel shone playing Dominique Toretto in Fast and Furious, the movie saga that made an impact with its big luxury cars, adrenaline-filled races and family unity. Even so, this time the fiction came a little closer to reality and the actor was visiting the Italian Grand Prix.

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Diesel was touring Italy with his family and this time he attended one of the most exciting races in the world. On his Instagram account he posted a video from the track showing the preparations before the start and once again showed his passion for cars. Even so, it was not the only publication that circulated.

From the official Formula 1 account, they published an image of the actor together with the seven-time world champion driver, Lewis Hamilton, who later had a rough competition. At Turn 1 Max Verstappen’s car rose off the ground and climbed on top of the Briton’s Mercedes. Thanks to the new halo that was incorporated a few years ago with the aim of providing safety in the heads of the pilots, the accident did not get worse. The competition between these two continues to grow, but this time the victory went to McLaren, who managed a 1-2 for the first time in more than a decade at the hands of Daniel Ricciardo and Lando Norris.

Even so, outside of the sporting spectacle, the one who enjoyed the race was Vin Diesel who, after nine editions of Fast and Furious, continues to show his love for cars and racing. In the official account of Formula 1 they published an image of him accompanied by the epigraph “It’s Vin Diesel” while the actor is seen waving wearing a Dominique Toretto-style tank top.

In recent days, Diesel had to tolerate criticism and questioning of his figure while enjoying a few days of vacation. In different portals they pointed against his weight and the actor expressed: “I’m not trying to be in shape all the time. I’m trying to get better every day at my craft as an actor. I really think it’s wrong to body shame someone. These haters commit all kinds of atrocities.”

This Sunday, far from criticism, he took advantage of another day of his vacation in a motorsport day together with one of the top runners and he could be seen very happy. Will fiction become reality?

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