Talina Fernández will pose nude at the age of 77

The well-known “lady of the good saying” raised a stir with the interview she gave for TVNotas magazine where she talked about her romance and her decision to pose as God brought her into the world.

The driver said that more than anything, her intention is to be careful with the photo session and show the stories that her body has to tell, such as moles and scars.

Talina Fernández also spoke about her relationship with her eldest granddaughter María Levy, daughter of the deceased Mariana Levy.

Talina Fernández will pose nude at the age of 77
Talina Fernández will pose nude at the age of 77 Photo: HELLO! Mexico

The idea of ​​the session was Maria’s and she is the one who motivates her to take on new challenges, while giving her the confidence to do new things and discover herself.

The driver did not give more details about the realization of this project, however, she commented that she will try not to show the “nipples or the cocorocha”


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In a clip that circulates on social networks, with a fragment of the program I’m famous get me out of here in which he participates, he appears telling his companions about a competition in which Brad Pitt, George Clooney and Bradley Cooper also participated.

“There was Brad Pitt, there was George Clooney and there was Bradley Cooper. Cooper was eliminated in the first round because, well, no, he has a half-dull face, then Clooney, Pitt and I stayed, but Brad gave up because when he saw Clooney and me he said ‘don’t stain, this if not’ and then Clooney, when we did the last image test, grabbed and said ‘no, I admit it, Adame is sexier than me’ and left”, said Alfredo Adame, who fondly recalled that he took the title of “The sexiest men alive”.

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