Sean Paul says Beyonce once confronted him about the rumors they got together while recording “Baby Boy”


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Set the record straight! Despite what some fans may have thought, Sean Paul confirmed that his relationship with Beyoncé was nothing but professional when they collaborated on the 2003 dancehall duet “Baby Boy”.

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Paul, 49, however, also claimed that the “Crazy in Love” singer once confronted him about rumors that they were an object, which began shooting after “Baby Boy” and the accompanying music video. have been published. In an interview on Monday May 16 with The Daily Beast, the reggae singer said that Beyoncé, 40, took him aside when the two performed together at the MTV Europe Music Awards in November 2003.

“She was pissed off and she was like ‘I need to talk to you,'” said the “Temperature” singer. “So, let’s go back and talk and she says ‘What are all these rumors about?’ and I’m like ‘Yo, I’m not saying shit’, and she’s like ‘These rumors fuck with my career. I just want you to know. ‘”

Paul says he told Beyoncé the rumors “weren’t from me,” but claimed he was turned away by the “Halo” singer nonetheless. “It’s weird,” he said. “Maybe it had something to do with managing him at the time.”

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The Jamaica native also joked that although he and the pop star never had a fling, “I wish I did!” He recalled that he was thrilled at the time to have the chance to collaborate with the lead singer of “Formation”. “I’ve always admired his music and it’s beautiful. So when I heard Beyoncé was going out alone and she wanted me to do a single, I thought ‘Hell, fuck, yeah.’ “

When “Baby Boy” was released in 2003, the “Love On Top” singer was already dating her current husband, Jay-Z. After Paul did not perform with Beyoncé at the 2003 MTV VMA Awards, it was speculated that the “Empire State of Mind” rapper had stopped Paul from performing with his then-girlfriend.

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The “Get Busy” singer denied alleged beef with Jay-Z, 52, during a 2012 appearance on RapFix Live. “This is a rumor that has begun. I’ve known Jay-Z from before I met her [Beyoncé]”Said Paolo. He added that in the beginning he didn’t deal with the rumors because he benefited his career. “The general public blew him up in certain things. I was silent for years because he was doing his job. There was just a lot of controversy. He is an amazing artist, the song was at number 1 for about nine weeks, so it was a very special moment for me and for dancehall, ”said the rapper.

The collaborators of “Drunk in Love” got married in 2008. They have three children together: Blue, 10, and the twins Sir and Rumi, both 4.

Paul has been married to Jamaican TV host Jodi Stewart since 2012. The couple have two children together: Levi, 5, and Remi, 2.


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