La Nación / Queen Máxima of the Netherlands celebrated her 51 laps around the sun

A day like yesterday, but 51 years ago, Máxima Zorreguieta, Queen of the Netherlands, was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, because she is married to King Willem-Alexander. Despite being recognized for her joy, a captivating smile and the ease with which she socializes, Máxima managed to keep her private life hermetically sealed.

Little is known about his social environment, what has been made public are some summer vacations in Punta del Este and winter vacations in Bariloche; an exclusive English school where Máxima, despite not belonging to an aristocratic or millionaire family, according to what was reported by Infobae.

So the international press imagines that not much will be revealed about how this special date really celebrated. What they do say is that the queen of the Netherlands started the day with a smile and ended it in the same way, taking into account that it is one of her characteristics that stands out.

It’s news: Laura Bozzo revealed how the phrase “Let the wretch pass by!”

In this context, it should be remembered that on February 2, Máxima Zorreguieta and Guillermo de Orange celebrated their twentieth wedding anniversary. Since they had united their lives in marriage in 2002, in a ceremony held in the New Church of Amsterdam.

After having met at a Fair Party in the city of Seville, Spain, in the month of April 1999. Back then, the prince had invited her to dance, although dancing was not one of her best skills.

According to what was reported by several portals, after they both started with the first steps, she told him: “You are made of wood” or “Sos de Madera”; And then we already know how this fabulous story of royalty ends, that as a result of her love they gave birth to her three beautiful daughters, the princesses Amalia, Alexia and Ariane.

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