Katy Perry stars in the new Just Eat campaign

Just Eat has tapped US singer Katy Perry to star in its latest campaign, ‘Someone Said’, the title piece of which contains a catchy song performed by Perry herself to celebrate the moment of joy felt when ordering food.

The campaign is a revamped version of the one released in 2020 with Snoop Dogg, in the UK, Australia and Canada. A formula that the brand has decided to transfer to the rest of the markets where it operates.

Created by McCann’s London office, the campaign’s centerpiece is a TV spot starring Katy Perry. The video shows a Just Eat delivery man arriving at Perry’s residence, a giant dollhouse. When the delivery man delivers the order, the viewer is immersed in the world of the Californian singer, complete with elaborate costumes, piano-playing puppets and a wide range of foods.

Precisely, the lyrics of the song refer to the wide variety of types of cuisine and dishes available in the delivery app, and reflects the growth in demand for this service at times of non-traditional consumption, such as breakfast, lunch or weekdays.

“Katy Perry, so loved in Spain, has a very playful nature that fits perfectly with ours. We believe that she is the perfect partnership to continue building the connection between Just Eat and the joy of receiving food at home”, he pointed out. Iciar Luengo, marketing manager of Just Eat in Spain.

“Ordering out for me is a regular thing on a Saturday night, so it’s been fun channeling that into a video that’s a combination of things I love: bright, pop colors, wild outfits, and food puns, sung over a catchy melody”, says the singer.

The new global campaign with a 30”, 20” and 10” spot will appear on television, digital, outdoor, social networks and radio. In addition to the spot, the brand’s platform will have a renewed visual identity, a new tone and will be activated through a media strategy aimed at winning screens, hearts and streets in Spain.

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