Johnny Depp’s lawyers attack Amber Heard

Second day of the fifth week of Johnny Depp’s trial against Amber Heard for defamation, and fourth day in which the actress has taken the stand. Yesterday the actor’s lawyers questioned the veracity of her ex-wife’s statement accusing him of sexually assaulting her with a liquor bottle. Thus, Camille Vasquez asked him why he did not seek medical attention, since he assured that he was bleeding after the attack, and why in the following months he continued to send the actor love notes like this: “True love is not just about love. madness of passion or of choosing security over peace. No, it’s about both” or “You are my life. I hate when we fight. I hate that I hurt you. I love you more than anything,” she wrote.

According to Heard, he wrote these messages because he believed that after the fight the actor had hit rock bottom and that he had promised to be sober. And he assured: “When things were good, they were really good.”

The actress accuses her ex-husband of a defamatory campaign against her that has affected her career

Depp’s lawyers also hammered the actress when they presented a knife that she had given to her ex-husband, precisely at a time when he was allegedly behaving very violently, and she admitted that she did not think he could stab her.

There was also testimony about Heard’s $100 million counterclaim against Depp (he asks for $50 in his lawsuit), because all the accusations have damaged his career. The jury heard an audio recording of a verbal fight between the two in which each belittled the other’s acting career. Heard laughed derisively at Depp’s role in the TV series 21 Jump Street , in the eighties; and he, in turn, criticized her role in Aquaman denigrating superhero movies.

Precisely, the day before, Amber Heard accused her ex-husband’s legal team of a “defamatory campaign” against her, which forced Warner Bros to reduce her scenes in the film’s sequel. Aquaman, whose premiere is scheduled for 2023, and where in the first she appears in the main cast: “They gave me a script and later they sent me new versions in which, basically, they had limited a lot of my role.”

He also assured that when these “deceptions” about him were published, “communications were interrupted” with the producer. A situation that supposedly also occurred in 2017, when she obtained a temporary restraining order for Depp: “I was fired from jobs and campaigns. I had to fight really hard to keep my job and the biggest movie opportunity I’ve ever had,” Heard said. The Justice League.

There is still more than a week of trial left, because closing arguments are scheduled for May 27.

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