I spent $ 1,805 on Kim Kardashian’s used clothes – I was very excited about the footprints in her old shoes

TYPICAL purchases are not celebrated for the wear of clothes, shoes and accessories.

One buyer was thrilled to find footprints in the shoes he bought, but only because the dress heels had previously belonged to Kim Kardashian.

Laura Lee posted an unboxing video on YouTube, where her 4.59 million subscribers could watch her unpack the clothes that once belonged to Kim Kardashian.

Lee told his viewers that before making the purchase, he wondered how odd it was to buy clothes previously owned by the star.

“How strange will I be if I buy it?” she had asked. The pieces all came from Kardashian Kloset, the family’s official resale site.

Eventually, his curiosity won out over his reservations. Before taxes and shipping were accounted for, Lee spent $ 1,805.

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“I bought a few pieces,” Lee said as he opened the box. “I’m a little nervous about what it’s going to be like.”

Inside were four items: two pairs of shoes, a skirt and a jacket, all luxury items from famous designers.

Lee saw the


Manolo Blahnik’s first pair of shoes cost Lee $ 400 and originally retails for $ 725. The shoes he received were clearly worn, but Lee couldn’t be happier.

“He definitely had them on his foot, because there are marks from his toes,” Lee said.

He also pointed out the wear on the bottom of the shoe, which proved they had been much loved.

“This is probably pretty weird to say ‘look at Kim’s big toe!'” Lee laughed.

Kardashian and Lee are the same shoe size, so the YouTuber bought two pairs of shoes


Lee bought the same heels in a dark brown


Lee also bought the same shoes, in a different color and condition, for $ 450.

“It’s the exact same shoe in dark brown,” Lee explained as she unwrapped the heels.

“They look a little newer,” he said, inspecting the shoes and showing their pristine condition. “They weren’t worn out.”

Lee got a big discount on the next item, which he received new with the tags.

Lee paid $ 360 for a black Tom Ford skirt


The belted skirt originally cost $ 1,490


He paid $ 360 for the all-new Tom Ford skirt, which had a price tag that indicated the original price tag of $ 1,490.

“I think it was hers, in her closet, but I don’t think it was worn by her,” Lee said.

The skirt also seemed to be a bit loose for Lee’s build. “She has a belt, so maybe I can tighten it,” she mused.

Trying on the skirt proved the theory true, even though there was still a small slit along Lee’s midsection.

“If I put on a nice shirt and pulled it out, I think it would cover it,” said the fashion professional, pulling the belt around her waist. “It looks really comfortable.”

His final purchase was the most expensive, but also the most heavily discounted.

Wear and marks were visible on the collar of the Dolce & Gabbana jacket


Lee was pleased with the fit and look of the jacket for which she paid $ 595


Lee spent $ 595 on a Dolce & Gabbana jacket. While the item didn’t come with a label, similar pieces on the original retailer’s website were priced at $ 2,845.

Kim clearly loved the jacket and had it in heavy rotation in her wardrobe which was probably reflected in the price.

“This has definitely been worn quite a bit,” Lee said. “Guys do you see the signs?”

He indicated several marks, light spots and wear spots along the collar of the jacket.

When he tried on the jacket, Lee called it an “early 2000s moment” and appreciated the quality of the material.

“I like it, I think I’ll wear it,” he said. “This is very Britney Spears.”

The shoes fit Lee perfectly too, since she and Kim wear the same shoe size.

The YouTuber said she was pleased with her purchases and would definitely shop at Kardashian Kloset again if more clothes or shoes caught her attention.

The original retail prices of his purchases amounted to $ 5,785.

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“I wouldn’t buy it just to buy it,” Lee said, but because Kim’s style is so closely aligned with hers, the purchases made sense.

“It’s like a thrift store,” Lee said. “A really expensive thrift shop.”

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