Fast & Furious 10: the first details of the shooting at the Castelli Romani scheduled for May | Cinema

While in the background of Fast & Furious 10 the drama of farewell has been consummated Justin Linhere are some details about the shooting session to be held in Italy in May.

According to what was reported by Roma Today, the manufacturing of the blockbuster by Universal is about to land in Italy, specifically in Genzano di Roma. As it turns out, there will be many names from the main cast, including, of course, Vin Diesel.

Roma Today writes, reporting the note issued by the Municipality to warn citizens of the “inconvenience” caused by the processing of Fast & Furiois 10:

On the days of May 16 and 17, some scenes of the film of a well-known international film production will be shot in Genzano, with the provisional and non-definitive title “F10” – explains the Municipality of Genzano – The streets directly affected by the shooting will be via Belardi and via Buozzi, but the complex operational and logistical aspects of the operation will concern other public and private areas and may have repercussions even in the days immediately preceding and following.

And then he adds:

Jason Mamoa (in fact, the correct surname is Momoa, ed.), Vin Diesel and the other protagonists of Fast & Furious 10 should land in Ciampino on May 5 with a private plane, and from there move to a hotel in the Castelli Romani where they will remain until the end of the Italian shoot.

The film output is fixed for the May 19, 2023.

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