Fans are concerned Britney Spears is ‘out of control’

Britney Spears week received a lot of criticism for the nude photos she uploaded to her Instagram. While some fans point out that it is her way of feeling her freedom since the end of her guardianship, others consider that the singer could be losing control of her again.

The site Distractify claims that even aside from concerns about whether or not she was actually pregnant, many of Britney’s followers commented on the nude photos suggesting that something was wrong.

“Starting to think those who were in control maybe should have kept it,” one person wrote in the comments.

“Honey, this is not how you get out of a guardianship where you are accused of being crazy,” another user added.

“There are so many other ways to display your freedom,” they continued. “So many other ways to show off your girl power. This is not. Re-evaluate what point you’re trying to make, and don’t post every urge you have on Instagram. Use your judgment and if you can’t do that then maybe seek more therapy etc. This is your chance to change your platform. But right now, as the public watches, it doesn’t look any different than before,” another commented.

“There was also a lot of support for Britney in the comment. After all, what she chooses to post on Instagram is entirely her choice, and it seems clear that some people think she should be allowed to act as she pleases,” the post states.

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