Chris Rock’s millionaire debt with Will Smith

The American comedian has made a real fortune thanks to Will Smith’s outburst. Read on and find out what we’re talking about.

The 94th Oscar Awards gala marked a before and after in the lives of Chris Rock and Will Smith. The former has become the most famous comedian in the world and his Stand Up shows are breaking box office records. In addition, he has been forced to open new dates on his calendar due to the high demand that has been generated among thousands of his fans.

Will, on the other hand, is increasingly ostracized. The protagonist of “Independence Day” It was vetoed by the Academy for 10 years and is prohibited from entering any gala in the next decade. Besides, many producers have declined to work with him and their future projects are increasingly being questioned.

Smith embarked on a spiritual retreat in India to deal with his self-control issues. Based on yoga and meditation“The Prince of rap” he wants to face a situation that has led him to be in the eye of the hurricane. rock, on the contrary, He lives his best years on stage and it is expected that the zeros in his bank account continue to rise that seems to have no ceiling.

Not content with the fervor that the profits from his tour of the United States have brought him, the comedian demands the payment of 3 million dollars to anyone who wants to interview him to recount the intimate details of the most famous slap in history. Ellen DeGeneres and Oprah Winfrey they are the ones in the ‘pole’ to access Rock’s story.

As we at Tork are also dedicated to social work, from our position we send a suggestion to Chris so that he can pay for the “favor” that Will has done him after slapping him: we recommend nothing more and nothing less than giving his colleague the SCC Tuataraa luxury hyper sports car barely two million dollars and was once considered the fastest production car in the world.

+ This would be a good gift

The fastest production car in the world

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