Childhood Hepatitis: They intubate and isolate a young man with symptoms in a Sinaloa hospital

A 15-year-old girl suspected of suffering from acute childhood hepatitis was transferred to the Intensive Care Unit of the Sinaloa Pediatric Hospital due to health complications. The young woman was intubated and subjected to new tests to find out the origin of the condition and its classification.

It was reported that the adolescent, a member of a family of four children, is the only one with health problems and according to the studies carried out, she has no history of COVID infection, so it is expected to conclude new analyzes that identify what type of hepatitis is infected and the origin of it.

The rest of the family has no symptoms.

According to preliminary data, The young woman was hospitalized urgently, and by protocol both her parents and her siblings had to be isolated. These do not present any symptoms of the disease, so the origin of their possible contagion continues to be investigated with studies.

In this family, composed of father, mother and four children, There is no history of recent trips to other parts of the national territory or abroadTherefore, epidemiologists continue to carry out various studies to detect the origin of the disease.

The Undersecretary of Medical Care of the State Health Secretariat, Alberto Quintero Pérez, pointed out that the teenager is stable.

Likewise, Quintero Pérez stated that the usual route of contagion of hepatitis is through the consumption of contaminated food, injections without care, etherization, blood transfusions or sexual intercourse.

Regarding acute childhood hepatitis, the infectious origin is not yet known, but it has been documented in the cases that have occurred worldwide that evidence of a virus has been found in 70 percent of the patients in diarrheal or respiratory symptoms.



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