Young man dies trying to recreate the scene of Titanic with his girlfriend

TURKEY.- A couple of lovers fell into the sea after trying to recreate one of the most emblematic scenes of Titanic, the film starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet; Unfortunately, the act of love ended in tragedy when the 23-year-old drowned.

According to the Daily Star, Furkan Ciftci and his girlfriend Mine Dinar, both 23, were at the sea in Izmit, Turkey, when they thought it was a good idea to go up to the pier and recreate the moment when Rose and Jack put on Facing each other, they stretch out their arms and shout their love to the world while the protagonist affirms that he is the king of the world.

However, both lost their balance after crossing a security chain because they had been drinking alcohol to excess. The two fell into the water and unfortunately Furkan drowned despite attempts by fishermen to rescue them alive. They managed to get the girl out with a fishing rod, but he perished in the waves.

Two hours after the tragedy, a diving team rescued Ciftci’s body, while the young woman was transferred by the emergency services to a nearby hospital. The young woman told the authorities what had happened and that her intention was only to recreate the romantic scene from the movie Titanic.

According to the Daily Star, there would be a video captured by the security cameras on the Turkish coast where the lovers are seen in a small boat and then they are seen placing several chairs to go up to the pier and hug each other just as they did in 1997 DiCaprio and Winslet.

Local media reported that before Furkan Ciftci’s funeral takes place, the authorities will perform an autopsy to determine the causes of his death; Likewise, they announced that the investigation into this tragic incident is still open.


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