Recently, the work of our students during the pandemic has been publicly questioned, suggesting that the National Autonomous University of Mexico prevented students, in their different academic degrees, from participating with the federal and local health authorities in the fight to overcome the health crisis that has claimed so many lives in our country. In this regard, it is pertinent to make some clarifications:

1.- It was the health authority that, on March 19, 2020, in its letter DGCES.DG-037-2020, suspended all the activities of the undergraduate clinical cycles, requesting the directors of Hospitals and Jurisdictions that students did not go to health institutions.

On that same date and in accordance with the document cited above, access to undergraduate interns in first and second level hospitals was also prevented. The University adhered to these measures instructed by the health authority and for considering them pertinent to contain infections and protect health.

Undergraduate students have been gradually integrated, since the last quarter of 2021, into their hospital activities, to the extent that the authorities of the health institutions have allowed it.

2.- Social service interns who were in hospital units were, on instructions from the health authority, transferred to health centers to support the National Health Program, where they continued to provide their services uninterruptedly.

The interns in rural areas remained in them, facing the shortcomings of these populations and the effects of the pandemic on the marginalized rural population.

Under these conditions, the more than 1,500 medical interns at UNAM acted, who joined the 14,000 interns from other educational institutions in the country.

Nearly 15,000 medical residents, postgraduate specialty students, were always present during these terrible months, showing great professionalism, empathy and dedication in strenuous work days, despite the risks to their health and that of their relatives and relatives.

UNAM doctors, researchers, teachers, and medical and nursing students have always been on the front line of containing the SARS-CoV-2 virus and caring for infected patients.

3.- As additional tasks

    • – The National University participated in a relevant way in the medical operation of the Temporary COVID-19 Unit, of Citibanamex, where medical interns, graduates, physical therapists; nurses from the academic entities of the Faculty of Medicine, FES Iztacala and Zaragoza, as well as from ENEO, were part of the team that treated around 9,000 patients.
    • University medical staff carried out 23,000 COVID tests at different locations in CDMX.
    • – Through the “Together for Health” initiative, university doctors collaborated so that 226 private hospitals continued to care for non-COVID patients.
    • – 4,700 respirators were purchased and distributed and 1.3 million kits were delivered to 300 hospitals in the country, as well as 2.6 million face masks.
    • – Together with the UNAM Foundation, more than 800,000 kits were delivered to health professionals from public institutions throughout the Republic.
    • – UNAM doctors trained more than 21,000 people on COVID prevention and care and provided advice to 13,000 more through the “Call & Chat Center Covid-19”.
    • – One thousand 133 students and academics from Medicine, Nursing and Dentistry were trained to join, if necessary, the National Vaccination Campaign against the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Their services were not required given the great mobilization that the State carried out for this purpose.
    • – Various branches of the National University were set up as vaccination centers.

There are many testimonies of the above. There were thousands of university students who gave themselves with passion in the health crisis. These data and this clarification serve so that society is duly informed about the academic work and the commitment of the National Autonomous University of Mexico.



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