the fortune of his retirement with Catalan wine

LOS ANGELES, CA - APRIL 13: Actress Cameron Diaz signs copies of her new book

Cameron Diaz is a retired millionaire and wine entrepreneur (Photo by Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic)

When we think of Cameron Diaz we all think of the Hollywood actress but the truth is that since 2018, this is no longer her profession or, at least, not active. Cameron announced her official withdrawal from the world of cinema three years ago and now she is engaged in another fruitful business.

Her fringe in ‘Something Happens with Mary’ or her big premiere in 1994 with ‘The Mask’ alongside Jim Carrey are milestones in her career and on celluloid in general. When Cameron fell in love with that neon green man he was only 22 years old but he fell in love with the public in such a way that he never stopped starring in other great titles.

In a short time and amply demonstrating his talent, Cameron Diaz amassed a fortune that today allows him to live the family life, relaxed and financially comfortable that everyone can dream of retiring at just 46 years old.

From his first movie in which he earned $400,000 (which is already a fortune) to his great successes like ‘Charlie’s Angels’ where he earned $12 million, only six years passed but his cache rose like foam.

The tender girl with blue eyes and a crazy but innocent appearance is a great warrior in real life and does not allow the press to interfere in her love affairs, family or personal affairs beyond what is strictly necessary and that has led her to have some brawls with paparazzi who have crossed their personal red line.

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Cameron has shared his life with stars of the stature of Matt Dillon, Jared Leto or Justin Timberlake but all that is now history because the real man in her life is Benji Madden, singer of Good Charlotte whom he met through his friend Nicole Richie who is also married to his twin Joel Madden.

Benji and Cameron were married in 2015, three years before she retired, and they did so by a Jewish rite and in the strictest privacy. Four years after this wedding, her daughter Raddix would come into the world, who came into this world when the actress was 47 years old.

Currently the family lives a relaxed life in their Beverly Hills mansion and the artist’s fortune amounts to 140 million dollars. Even though he could live his whole life in peace with this money in the bank, Cameron decided to start a business with wine, a wine from Spain.

Avaline, which is the name of the white wine from the Catalan cellars of the Penedès, has points of sale throughout the United States and comes from the century-old Catalan winery Can Ràfols del Caus.

This is a project by Cameron together with his friend, the businesswoman Katherine Power, who was born in December 2020 (after visiting wineries around the world in 2019) and continues to bring them personal benefits and joy two years later, despite the pandemic.

They call Avaline ‘clean wine’ (clean wine in Spanish) since the grape is of high quality and the additives are minimal as long as it is as healthy and natural as possible as well as respectful with the environment.

Who was going to tell that young woman in her twenties that her life was going to be like this? Surely when she starred in ‘The Mask’ she little imagined she would be retired before fifty, being a multimillionaire and, moreover, a successful wine businesswoman.

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