Pedro Catrain, the producer who worked with Kim Kardashian

The outstanding photographer, producer and audiovisual director, Pedro Catraincontinues to take firm steps from his native Dominican Republic.

Catrain was the local producer of the photo shoot starring the celebrity kim kardashian under the lens of photographer GReg Swales in the Ecological Reserve indigenous eyes from Punta Canaeast of Quisqueya, for the magazine Sports Illustrated in the May issue.

Catrain, when talking to Diario Libre, said that it was the first time he worked with Kim and he had a pleasant experience.

The businesswoman herself highlighted the DR as “one of his favorite places in the world” by sharing the sexy swimsuit photos on her official Instagram account with 311 million followers.

The famous was there like fish in the waterbecause he enjoyed not only taking the Photographsbut instead took time to take a dip in one of the turquoise lagoons.

This was revealed to Diario Libre Pedro Catrainwho was part of the production team: “She didn’t want to get out of the water”said.

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Kim took a dip in the Ojos Indígenas reserve.

Pedro Catrain He is part of TooCaribbean, the production company in which he works together with Ivan Herrera and Fernando Rivas, who stand out for providing local production services to large foreign productions.

In conversation with this medium by phone, he stated that it was the American star who chose the place located in the Puntacana Resort & Club. “She was crazy with the reservation, she didn’t want to get out of the waterThey were intense but fun days of shooting,” Catrain confessed to DL, referring to the fact that the model was fascinated with the natural paradise.

He added, “The location was chosen by Kim herself, she is crazy about Punta Cana and has visited the Indigenous Eyes several times”.

He said working with the 41-year-old reality star of “The Kardashians” was a “new experience, a lot of standards and protocols, but nothing we haven’t done before.”

The famous herself revealed in the Instagram post that the shots were made in January and that she was eager to show the result.

Catrain confirmed this and said that these shots were taken care of in detail to the point of not allowing cell phones so that they do not leak Photographs.

Between crew local and foreign provided their services about 65 people.

In another project he worked on with Kanye West’s ex-wife, of which he cannot reveal many details, he said that other models of hers were photographed on the beach in Punta Cana.

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Catrain supervises a Vin Diesel scene on set in the Dominican Republic. (EXTERNAL SOURCE)

He has also worked in the production of projects with stars such as Vin Dieselspecifically some scenes that were made in DR in the last part of Fast and Furious.

Pedro Catrain He commented that he has filmed with celebrities such as Zion & Lennox, Vince Staples, among others.

He details that he is currently co-producing an international film with Ivan Herrera.

“It’s a movie from Los Angeles (not to say Hollywood) called Dangerous Watersin which we have great actors such as Eric Dane and Ray Liotta,” he told DL.

Summarizing his work which ranges from Photographsadvertising campaigns, movies, video clips and the documentary “Avocado Rise”recorded on location in the Sierra de Bahoruco and promoted by Unesco, the director concludes: “The truth is I don’t know if I stand out, what I do know is that I work with passion and always give my best in each project, because in the end of the day my name is my CV”.

In the music video industry

In the report published by Diario Libre in 2019, the video clip industry continues to grow in the Dominican Republic, Pedro Catrain He stated that he tells stories in his visual works. He produced and co-directed Mozart’s social theme “Life Is Like That” La Para ft. Shaddy_Com, recorded in La Victoria prison.

In addition to “Pa ‘toda la vida”, “Coup d’etat”, “El jokesón” and others from the so-called “Gender Pain”.

“For me, the industry is at its best. Artists are realizing that if a song does not have an audiovisual resource, it is very likely that it will not go very far”, says Catrain.

He says that it is a well-paid job and it will depend on the concept that he wants to carry with the song. For him, the minimum he can charge is $8,000, because he has a team of almost 50 people behind him “doing their best so that the audiovisual piece is perfect.”

“I focus on all my work transcending, leaving a message, I seek to tell stories, make quality material and with international projections, I try to be different, to innovate,” he says.

Passionate about art, culture, tourism and radio. She writes for the Revista section of Diario Libre. She graduated from Social Communication from the UASD and from the Master in Communication and Corporate Identity from the UNIR.

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