‘My prestige and my fame makes it easier for me to be close to the characters’

This Tuesday opens Hugo Sanchez presents. It will be through the platform Star+ where he pentapichichi premieres as an interviewer, because in 12 chapters there will be conversations with great figures such as Karim Benzema, Carlo Ancelotti, Andres Guardadoamong others, a fact that the Mexican legend is satisfied with.

“I’m not a journalist, and it’s something that pleases me, because being above all in Spain, from any team that comes, friends would visit me and I would go to dinner with them, at those dinners where we would have something together, there would be very pleasant conversations and not only about football, but we would have the range of things that happen in Mexico and the world, and being outside the country people know more and there is more confidence,” he told RECORDwhile sharing the trust that exists with his interviewees.

“The fact of being who I am, my prestige, my name and my fame makes it easier for me to be able to have that closeness with all the characters I am inviting and it gives them hope, and they say ‘have a chat with Hugo Sanchez here in Spain I’m excited’, and as they know that I’m not a journalist, that I’m not going to go with pointed questions that are regularly asked by those who are specialists in the field, that closeness gives confidence and they open up more, for example by talking to Benzema from scorer to scorer, we are speaking the same language, for example Acelotti from coach to coach; Andrew Saved that I directed it in the National Team, living with them, with their partners, are beautiful experiences and now I do it with microphones when I didn’t do it before”.

Regarding how he chooses his interviewees, the two-time champion coach with Cougars in 2004, he explained:

“I am very demanding, so successful and successful must be the personality to whom we are going to dedicate time and even travel, because I have to go to the places where they are, access where they want, for example with Ancelotti in the Ciudad Deportiva del Real Madrid and that it is closed to everyone due to the pandemic, that the Champions League Final is coming, there is a lot of secrecy, but they told me ‘it is your home Hugo, and for you of course we are going to access what you need and want.’ And that has helped me because no one has refused those meetings with me and for which I am grateful and I am taking advantage of that circumstance”.


Hugo will have great guests

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