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The singer’s commitment Jennifer Lopez and the actor Ben Affleck, 17 years after separating and after falling in love again, became the news of the month of April in the Hollywood industry, because ‘Bennifer’ is stronger than ever and thinking about the future. Knowing that they are willing to form a “blended family” with the children they had from their previous marriages, many wonder what Jennifer Garner’s little ones think about her father’s girlfriend. From Mag We present to you what a source close to the couple revealed.

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A source close to the couple assured Hollywood Life that celebrities do not have in mind to bring a child into the world, but that their priority is to dedicate themselves to correctly educating those they already have. And it is that JLo is the mother of Emme and Max, the twins of her marriage with Marc Anthony; and Violet, Seraphina and Samuel, were born from the love of Ben and the actress from ‘If I were 30’ or ‘The Adam Project’.

“They don’t want new children, both have already passed that part of their lives (…) The important thing is that Jennifer’s connection with Ben’s children is very close, and that is one of the reasons that has led her to accept willingly the situation (…) Ben and JLo returned to each other’s lives with a whole litter of children, and they are very blessed because they are all really good children. Now they are focusing on raising them to be good adults and the party of five is enough for them.”specified the informant.

What do the children of Ben Affleck think about JLo

This same source also said that Jennifer Lopez She is very loved by the children of her future husband and that the chemistry is greater with the youngest, Samuel.

“Jennifer Lopez is loved by all of Ben’s children, but she definitely has a special bond with Samuel. Because Samuel is the youngest of the five children and is the baby of the group, so to speak (…) When Ben and Jen (Garner) separated in 2015, Samuel was too young to remember any of it, but he has always grown up with two loving parents (…) JLo says that Samuel is a lot like his father. She treats all of her children as if they were her own, always respecting the fact that Jen is her mother.”.

How was the proposal of JLo’s hand

own Jennifer Lopez She was in charge of revealing the hidden details of her magical night and how, 20 years later, the person she loved the most surprised her with a green diamond, her lucky color: “Have you ever imagined that your greatest dream could come true?”

“Saturday night, while I was in my favorite place on earth (in the bubble bath), my beautiful love got down on one knee and proposed to me (…) It took me completely by surprise, so I stared at him. her eyes, laughing and crying at the same time, doing her best to understand the fact that 20 years later, everything would happen again. I was literally speechless. So he asked me… ‘Does that mean yes?’”JLo wrote in a letter to her fans posted on her official website.

Lynda Lopez, Jennifer Lopez's sister, proudly shared the happy news and showed what the green diamond ring looks like.  (Photo: Instagram | lyndalopez08)
Lynda Lopez, Jennifer Lopez’s sister, proudly shared the happy news and showed what the green diamond ring looks like. (Photo: Instagram | lyndalopez08)

How JLo feels after her engagement

“JLo is ecstatic and eager to be his wife (…) She believes that it is true love and that it was meant to be (…) She is so excited and her friends and family are very happy”revealed a source close to JLo exclusively to AND! News.

The informant also spoke about his “favorite color diamond” and how was the proposal you made Ben Affleck to be together for the rest of their lives.

He assured that the couple tried to keep the news “in private for as long as possible” and described the engagement as “A very intimate moment, just for the two of them. The proposal was discreet but very significant. Ben wanted the ring to be sentimental and put a lot of work into it.”.

Bennifer’s Story 2021

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck started seeing each other again in 2021, after the author of hits like “Jenny from the Block” ended her engagement to former Yankees star Alex Rodríguez and that the actor and producer ended his relationship with the Spanish actress Ana de Armas.

The couple, dubbed “Bennifer 2021″, has been seen ever since on red carpets and public walks around the world, alone or accompanied by their respective children: Jennifer Lopez had two with her ex-husband, singer Marc Anthony; and Ben Affleck three with his ex-partner, actress Jennifer Garner.

JLo, 52, and Ben Affleck, 49, started dating in mid-2002 and got engaged later that year, but they postponed the wedding and finally called it off in 2004although they have ensured that their friendship was maintained over the years before they gave each other a second chance.

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