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There is a new adventure in Lionel Messi’s future: he can become a player-shareholder of his next club.

There is great curiosity about the future of Lionel Messi. There Flea has another year of contract with the PSG and despite the constant rumors that they would like him again a Barcelona from next season, the Argentine champion would seem intent on honoring his last year on his contract in France before making other decisions about his future. With the Parisians there would be an opportunity to exercise the option for a third season but this situation seems rather complicated, at least for now.

This year Messi will turn 35 and could choose to turn down to embark on a new phase of his career by trying an experience in the United States. The rumors of a departure from Flea for the Major League Soccer they are not new, on the contrary: for some it is a plan that has already been decided for a long time.

According to the news circulating, after two years in Paris, the seven-time Golden Ball will cross the Atlantic and face a new football reality: his name has often been associated with David Beckham’s team, namely theInter Miami.

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There are, however, some news. Messi is starting to think about the future and would like to buy 35% of Inter Miami, a team with which he should play from the summer of 2023 according to journalist Alex Candal of Canal +. The contract would even be ready and only the signatures would be missing: the agreement could be formalized as early as next August.

In December 2020, Messi himself had confessed: “I have always said that I would like to have the experience of living in the United States, playing in this league. But I don’t know if it will happen sooner or later “. By embarking on an experience at Inter Miami, the Argentine would give enormous media visibility to his franchise, in addition to the marketing and the circle of interests that would be created. In addition, the team coached by Phil Neville would really need a technical shock, as this season is in 13th place in the Eastern Conference after 11 days and its performance has never lived up to expectations.

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