I tried Selena Gomez’s $1 mascara hack – it made me look like I had my lashes professionally done.

SINGER-ACTRESS Selena Gomez has an easy way to put mascara on tricky lower lashes, and it won’t leave you smeared with mascara.

Social media influencer Hayley Bui tried the trick for herself, and it’s the perfect way to make sure your mascara gets spread everywhere.

Applying tweezers on a black mascara wand, Hayley Bui tried the technique for herself.


Grabbing a pair of slanted tweezers, Bui went to work on a video shared with his 1.8 million TikTok followers.

She put the tweezers on the black mascara wand and then used the tweezers to work on each individual bottom lash.

Grasping one lash at a time, the mascara in the tweezer was applied to each lash.

When she was done, Bui was left with flawless lashes that looked like they had been professionally serviced by a lash technician.

People in the comments section liked the hack.

“Looks so good on you,” one person wrote.

“I do this for my upper lashes! I learned it from K-pop idols, it’s so cute,” wrote another.

If you’re looking for a makeup hack to get you through the summer, beauty editor Jacqueline Kilikita revealed how she makes her lashes look full without makeup.

She said: “People are ditching their mascara for Vaseline and an eyelash curler, saying it’s like a lash lift. So, I had to try it for myself.”

You will simply have to rub some Vaseline on the soft rubber pad of the eyelash curler and press the lashes as you normally would for about 10 to 15 seconds.

While you’re doing this, or right after, make sure to brush your lashes with a spoolie wand.

“The result is very good. The product even made my lashes look darker and thicker,” Kilikita said.

Thanks to its lightness, Kilikita claimed he didn’t even feel the Vaseline and the effects lasted for hours.

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“Just be careful you don’t get anything in your eye,” he warned.

Kilikita also said that you should put the Vaseline directly on the curler instead of directly on your lashes to prevent clumping.

Grasping one lash at a time, the mascara in the tweezer was applied to each lash


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