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During a session of the defamation trial involving Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, the cameras in the courtroom captured the exact moment in which the lawyer took a handful of sweets.

In the framework of the media case for defamation involving the former couple of actors Johnny Depp Y Amber Hearda hilarious video starring the depp’s lawyer It has started circulating on social media.

Is about benchewa member of Depp’s legal team, who was caught on camera taking a handful of sweets that were on the table where the actor’s defense works.

The video shows that after finishing a session in court, the professional arranged several documents with his hands and instantly fixed his gaze on a container with goodies, which he quickly emptied over his hands and then kept its contents in his pocket. your jacket.

The funny scene was quickly viralized by Internet users through social networks, mainly TikTokdue to the discreet attitude and suspicious look that the lawyer adopted while taking the sweets, an objective that he achieved without anyone noticing.

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Past reactions from Johnny Depp’s lawyer

However, this is not the first reaction carried out by the lawyer that has taken those who have followed the trial by surprise.

A week ago, the cameras recorded the precise moment that Chew made a gesture of celebration during a Heard story in which he mentioned the model Kate Mossformer partner of Johnny Depp, who could be called to testify.

Ben Chew and Depp’s legal team

Benjamin Chew is a prominent American jurist who works at the law firm Brown Rudnick. On the company’s website, Chew is described as a multi-faceted professional representing major clients in the state of Virginia, where the plaintiffs’ trial is taking place.

In addition to Ben, Johnny Depp’s legal team is made up of seven other professionals, including lawyer Camille Vasquez.

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