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Feud can be translated as enmity, conflict and discord and many more synonyms. We know that the word refers to one of the latest successes of Ryan Murphy who was fully involved in one of the great conflicts of Hollywoodmore exactly what happens behind the scenes of production Whatever happened to Baby Jane?the movie of 1962where exactly Davis Y Crawford they shared a poster

During filming, things were difficult, added to the fact that the publicists and producers themselves exaggerated everything in order to position the box office in their favor. Because of course behind many rivalries Hollywood There are also strategies to publicize the productions. If the romances sell (remember the number of romances between co-stars that end when the press conferences end) the fights even more.

Whatever happened to Baby Jane? (1962) Source: Warner Bros. Pictures.

Although the rivalry between Joan Crawford Y bette davis is the first that comes to mind largely because of the series of Ryan Murphythey were not the only “opponents” of Hollywood. Let’s see.

Olivia de Havilland Y Joan Fontaine They were two sisters who were protagonists of one of the oldest rivalries within Hollywood. Since they were little they had big problems, but when both were in the media it deepened. Joan stated in People: “I got married before. I won the Oscar before. I had a son before. If I die before she will be furious because even that I had to do it first. The rivalry was such that when Joan discovered that his own daughter was having an affair with her aunt oliviastopped talking.

Another confrontation arose on the set of batmanforever (nineteen ninety five) when Tommy Lee Jones did not react very well when Jim Carreywho was on the crest of the wave, will gain more prominence in the film. jones didn’t speak to him throughout the shoot and even when Carrey He tried to smooth things over to no avail. Time after Jim spoke about it, and even though Tommy Lee Jones he never put up with it, he always had words of admiration for him.

Batman Forever (1995) Source: Warner Bros. Pictures.

Behind the scenes there are always problems, but not only between colleagues but also with the directors, as happened between Roman Polansky Y Faye Dunaway in Chinatown (1974). The relationship between Polansky Y Dunaway it was complex, to the point that both asked the studio to give up the other. It was measured, but the reality is that the fights never ended.

We can’t forget when Megan foxon the eve of starting to shoot transformers 3compared to Michael Bay with Hitler. This led to her losing her role in the film. She was replaced by a model from El Secreto de Victoria, Rose Huntington Whiteleyalthough finally 2013 the actress and the director of the film reconciled by making Fox was part of the Ninja Turtles (2014).

There is no genre that escapes friction between co-stars. In the film I Love Trouble (1994), Julia Roberts Y Nick Nolte they got along very badly. Julia he couldn’t stand his partner’s macho comments until he refused to shoot together. That is why so many shots and reverse shots using the doubles from behind. That did not end there: the problems continued during the promotion of the film since neither note neither roberts they denied how little they tolerated each other.

I LOVE TROUBLE, Julia Roberts, Nick Nolte, 1994. © Buena Vista Pictures

Within Charlie’s Angels (2000) were also big problems. Bill Murray questioned the acting skills of Lucy Liu causing a fight such that finally in the sequel to 2003 I do not participate. Murray He always denied the situation.

Vin Diesel Y Dwayne Johnson they didn’t get along very well while filming Fast and furiousso Johnson He declared that he would not continue in the saga but in his spin-off. Coming to both actors stop working together.

Two others who get along very badly, and for years, are Sylvester Stallone Y Richard Gere. It all started when Gere stained Stallone eating a chicken with mustard when rehearsing for Black Jackets (1974). Her bad coexistence led the director of the film to want to separate Gere.

The Island of Doctor Moreau (1996) Source: New Line Cinema.

The list of great rivalries within Hollywood follow as Marlon Brando Y Val Kilmer during the filming of The Island of Doctor Moreau (nineteen ninety six); Robert Downey Jr. Y Terrence Howardwhich led to Howard will not participate in the saga of Hombre de Hierro; wesley snipes Y Ryan Reynolds during what was Blade Trinity (2004); Charlize Theron Y Tom Hardy admitted that they had problems on set during what was Mad Max: Fury Road (2015); patrick swayze Y Jennifer Graywhich despite having a filming full of tension, achieved box office success; Leonardo Dicaprio Y Clare Danes in Romeo + Juliet (nineteen ninety six) Y Ryan Gosling Y Rachel McAdams in The Notebook (2004), showing that love tapes are sometimes a reflection of hate.

Dirty Dancing (1987) Source: 20th Century Fox

The reality is that in any work environment there are situations where colleagues do not get along; the difference with Hollywood is that sometimes they are not just questions of ego struggles… Beyond what I said at the beginning, that there are sometimes business strategies behind it, there are more reasons: in recent years many situations that remained as gossip have been named but they hid situations of abuse.

And it is that uncovering the pot of rivalries in Hollywood It also serves to give a voice to many victims who have suffered harassment and abuse. let’s think about Bill Cosby I Harvey Weinsteinto give some examples.

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