Colombian producer who worked with Camila Cabello

He was in Time Trial José Castillo, Colombian producer and composer, who is behind several of the songs is from Camila Cabello’s latest album called ‘Family’ and told details of this experience.

It was one of the nice things that happened to me this year. A friend told me out of nowhere that they were looking for tracks for Camila Cabello’s new album and I said “anyway I have to send something” and I decided to give him a week of hard work, send what I did and two months later they called me and They told me that they used my track for a great song, the first that Camila Cabello is going to sing entirely in Spanish, called ‘Celia’”, she commented.

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“Then they told me that there was another song and they asked me to get involved and I was able to participate in ‘hasta los otros’, even a guitar sounds that I made very Caribbean. When this topic was sent to me, I was sick with COVID together with my wife, but with this opportunity I worked as best I could and luckily I did it, because he ended up taking me out and also the song has been very well acceptedCastle added.

“For me it has been very gratifying because in the songs that I participated in they have done very well and Camila has said it, she is very happy with the result of this experimentation of Latin sounds that had already been done in the past, but that is felt more in these new songs”, concluded the Colombian producer.

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