A classic of Tom Hanks and women’s baseball premieres the first images of its TV series

The 1992 classic directed by Penny Marshall, A League of Their Own (A very special team), prepares his return… to television. The iconic film starring Tom Hanks, Geena Davis Y madonna about the pioneering women who fought for their right to play professional baseball in the 1940s, will make a comeback with a reimagined version by abby jacobson (Broad City) Y Will Graham (Mozart in the Jungle).

Just like the original, the new A League of Their Own (A Very Special Team) aims to be a delightful ensemble comedy that follows a group of women who dedicated their lives to baseball at the height of World War II. Graham Y Jacobson are lifelong fans of the Marshall movie, and they say their goal was to honor and recapture the joy of the original film, while also telling deep new stories about the league, as the new series is not a remake of the filmbut will feature new characters.

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