Where is DJ Boof now: from Wendy Williams’ right-hand man to Nicki Minaj’s collaborator and real estate mogul

DJ Boof’s rise from Wendy Williams’ right-hand man to work with world-class talent like Nicki Minaj, all while adding a real estate mogul to his resume, is an impressive feat for anyone, let alone a Brooklyn guy.

The 37-year-old New York native has become a hugely popular DJ since leaving the Wendy Williams Show in 2020.

Boof praised Wendy and the tremendous exposure the Wendy Williams Show has given him


His shocking booking schedule is immediately evident from a swipe of his Instagram where he’s documenting his epic adventures bouncing from city to city and throwing big DJ parties.

In an exclusive interview with The Sun, Boof said he is extremely grateful for all the opportunities he has been given and the avenues that have opened up since leaving Wendy’s show.

“The Wendy Show has given me a platform that I never would have had with exposure on a global scale and now I’m here doing the biggest DJ gigs and working with talents like Nicki Minaj, Fabolous and Coi Leray,” he said.

“I DJ the NBA All-Star Weekend parties and the NFL Superbowl parties,” he said of his ever-growing list of annual celebrity-filled events.

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When Boof says there is no DJ out there moving around and doing as many shows as he does, he says it just as he just got off yet another flight – this one from Las Vegas – where he was part of the Lovers & Friends festival.

The lineup of the festival included the strongest artists in the hip-hop industry such as Usher, Ludacris, Ashanti, Ja Rule, Lil Jon, Timbaland and Lauryn Hill, to name a few.

The festival is just another day in DJ Boof’s world because he has booked some very prestigious events.

One of the career highlights came when Boof was invited to DJ events during amfAR’s main charity gala in Cannes, France.

In a clip from one of the events, Paris Hilton said of her DJ skills “I’ve never seen anything like this at amfAR!”, While her date echoed the sentiment by shouting “DJ Boof-kill it!”

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Boof praised his time on The Wendy Williams Show for giving him the kind of exposure that gives way to great opportunities, such as being a part of amfAR.

“I am extremely happy with my time on The Wendy Show, which started right from the start and has been there for 12 years. When I started that show there was no DJ at all and I created the whole party atmosphere, which allowed me to show my talent to the world, but also brought a different kind of light to Wendy. ”

Boof, who has been described as having “an ear for music with an energy that is extremely difficult to overcome”, was an integral part of The Wendy Williams Show, bringing a positive and upbeat vibe to the audience, essential for a talk show. successful daytime.

“My experience on the show was fantastic, and everything has been going up since then. The show was a great stepping stone and I think I hit the ceiling there.

“When Wendy and I reconciled it was a thank you, but it was also fucked up. Leaving the show got me back to my routine and brought me back to what I love most, which is music, ”she told her of her recent reunion with her former boss.

The global DJ said he felt comfortable on the show and separating from production was an essential step in his career.

“Things have a way to work out, no door really closes, it just opens,” added the talented DJ.

“I love Wendy to death and I will always, always be there for her and always cheer for her,” said Boof fondly.

As Boof travels the world for events, the entrepreneur has also built his own investment and property portfolios.

“I have 30 properties right now and I want to keep growing”.

Having different revenue streams was a serious goal for the artist, who claimed to have also entered the Crypto game and seen gains from his ventures in the markets.

The down-to-earth DJ said he was very lucky to have received great advice when it came to growing his wealth.

“I was this kid on the streets and I had money, but I didn’t know what to do with it. I was lucky enough to get some great guidance on how to get into stocks and cryptocurrencies, and also into the real estate sector. I am now working on the generational heritage.

“The direction I received on investments changed my life.”

“Luckily for me, the show wasn’t my only source of income, I always got there. Now I’m having the life I wanted to have because the security blanket of being a part of the show was gone, ”added Boof.

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The artist added that he is always grateful for everything he has been given, but also acknowledges that he has worked hard to get to where he is today.

“I’m the number 1 DJ in the biggest cities, for the biggest events and clubs out there. That’s all.”

DJ Boof has worked tirelessly with the likes of Nicki Minaj Fabalous and Coi Leray


Wendy and Boof reunited in March for the first time since leaving the show in 2020


Boof's busy, busy schedule is quickly clear on a swipe of his Instagram


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