Vin Diesel shares a first look at ‘Riddick 4: Furya’

Vin Diesel may not have the best of behavior on set, or at least that’s what seems to have removed Justin Lin from directing. Fast X, but he does not stop carrying out outstanding projects that manage to move spectators en masse to cinemas around the world. While the actor is currently shooting the new movie of fast and furiousthe first of the end of the mother saga started by Paul Walker, has shared on his personal Instagram the first look at the new film by The Chronicles of Riddickwhat should be called ‘Riddick 4: Fury‘, although there is nothing announced.

“Finally got a chance to look at some of the new Riddick stuff DT sent in. Wow, exciting is an understatement. FURYA!”

Even if we get a first look, Riddick 4 is still very much up in the air

For now we do not know more about this project. Vin Diesel claimed there was a movie and TV series going on about Riddick, but seeing the busy schedule that the actor always has, it is difficult to know when we will be able to sink our teeth into these new products, which have clearly fallen into the multiplicity of sequels. A fever that some, for now, survive, as in the case of Nightmare Before Christmas.

Riddick 4 be written by screenwriter David N. Twohyand if we pay attention to Diesel’s words, the project should take running since 2021. But as we said, there is no data. This is the first real and palpable approach that we have had with the fourth film, and we have only been shown a brief storyboard outlining some of the moments of the work, which of course we do not know if they will materialize. Vin Diesel is very active with riddick, fast and furious and also with Marvel Studios and his role as Groot. In this field, we have pending the premiere of Guardians of the Galaxy 3 for next year and the Christmas special with James Gunn.


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