Kim Kardashian felt ‘super good and relieved’ after filing for divorce from Kanye West

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

Photo: David Livingston/Getty Images/Grosby Group

It’s been over a year since kim kardashian made the decision to divorce her then husband kanye-westwho frankly did not make the task easy for him in the following months with all kinds of bureaucratic obstacles and outright refusals that, in his opinion, would help him gain time to try to win back his still wife.

The television star has finally rebuilt her sentimental life with the comedian Peter Davidson and, based on their latest public appearances, it seems that the brand new couple could not be happier and more attuned. In any case, in February 2021, when Kim officially decided to return to singleness, the businesswoman already made it clear that her act of courage and self-affirmation had led her to breathe a sigh of relief and feel “super good” about herself.

I’m so sure now. I knew I had to when I made the request. I knew I wasn’t in the right situation for me, so now i feel super good“Kim assures her older sister Kourtney in an excerpt from the new episode of ‘The Kardashians’, a program that today reveals the ins and outs of that intense and turbulent year that, for the reality queen, was 2021.

At that time, the controversial rapper and father of the celebrity’s four children already made clear his null intention of collaborating in the process. “I don’t know why he hasn’t signed the papers. I ask him constantly and he tells me that he is going to do it, but then he changes his mind and says: ‘I don’t want to get divorced, so I’m not going to sign‘” Kim laments at Kourtney’s stunned look.

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