Joe Russo Reveals His Own Ultimate Goal With Marvel

Director Joe Russo is responsible for four Marvel movies and now he reveals the plans he always had.

Brothers Anthony and Joe Russo They became known thanks to series like Arrested Development Y Community. Then they jumped to Marvel Studios with the movie Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014), which was an immediate success and they let them continue that story in Captain America: Civil War (2016). Then the adventures of all these heroes culminated in Avengers: Infinity War (2018) and Avengers: Endgame (2019).

Now, he has his own production company called AGBO and they have made movies like Extraction, 21 Bridges, Cherry Y The Gray Man. Where, curiously, many actors from Marvel Studios.

Now the director has revealed his grand long-term plan:

“We were lucky enough to have the experience of seeing what Steven Soderbergh and George Clooney did with Section Eight Productions. And if you look at the list of people who went through there, it’s pretty impressive the people they helped. But I remember Steven getting burned out and saying, This is too much work to produce. And they closed the company, and he left, and he said: I just want to focus on my movies. And then he started going back to making much more personal movies, which he’s been doing for a while.” Started Joe Russo.

“And I remember having a conversation with him in the early 2010s saying, because we were on TV at the time and I said, Look, man… Independent film is on TV. And you get a lot more money to do it. You get a lot more support and you can tell your stories longer, so you can really invest in the characters… And so, we started to see that as the power that working on television was giving us, working on those shows were contagious because they allowed us to make no-compromise decisions on the business side because I think our brains were starting to figure out how to deliver things in a way that sucked the oxygen out of pop culture like Arrested Development or Community, which made them harder to cancel even though They weren’t very commercial. And it was always our dream to build our own studio». confessed Joe Russo.

Then came Marvel:

“And when we had the opportunity from Marvel, we saw that as a potential to take advantage of these big business moves to raise capital to start our own studio. So at the end of the day we could really be our own bosses and that’s the track we’re after. So even though we did four for them, and… I’m joking because we love making those movies. We absolutely love making them. We love those movies.”

Steven Soderbergh had an unfortunate experience working with Sony. So Joe Russo revealed that:

“It took us to a very particular place because one of the lessons we learned…Steven Soderbergh ended up walking away from the business because he was so angry. He had a really horrible experience with Sony and he threw his hands up over a movie and said, Fuck it, I’m not working with studios anymore. So we thought, can we get to a place where we have enough clout where we don’t have that problem moving forward?”

The movies of Marvel Studios from Joe Russo they are in the Disney Plus streaming platform.

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