Fernando “Tano” Ortiz assures to continue as DT of America

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Ferdinand Ortizwho arrived with the temporary tag to the bench of the Americaafter achieving the ticket to Clausura 2022 Semifinalsafter winning 3-2 to Puebla in the duel of Second Leg of the Quarterfinalsto initial a global of 4-3secured his stay for the next tournament as technical director of the Eagles.

The Tanowho was rather a kind of firefighter, because they were even looking for a replacement for him for the next course, after showing his worth as handler of the cream threads, he will continue as the star in the team’s strategy.

And it is that after the Argentine debuted with a defeat against the Monterey, 2-1 in the call Steel giant, from then on he knew no sadness; in fact, the box Coapa He kept his goal at zero several times.


The American players in different appearances have had only good comments for Ortiz, even flowers.

And it is clear that the South American, who was also part of the Americanist discipline as a player, revived the locker room, but also injected a different mentality into the team.

Everyone on the campus has praised his arrival, because he also gave them that confidence that perhaps they needed, coupled with the fact that he is very close to the group.


Since he took charge of the first team, coming from the U-20 of the millionaire who, by the way, reached the Final of his competition, Ferdinand accumulates very positive numbers.

Under his command, the team from the capital, counting the two quarterfinal matches of this leaguerecord seven trumps, three draws and one loss; in seven games kept his door unbeaten.

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