They wanted to surprise their son on his birthday with an original idea, but they got a terrible scare

The birthday parties of the youngest usually have very diverse and original themes. When planning the celebration, Parents often think of original ideas to entertain guests. From entertainers to piñatas, music and food, anything is possible. But, despite good intentions, many times they do not have the expected results and Instead of generating laughter, they provoke tears.

One of the favorite themes celebrating children’s birthdays is that of dinosaurs and for that, there are costumes of all colors and sizes. The natural science museums, the exhibitions, the discoveries of fossil remains and, above all, the iconic movies of jurassic-park They managed to attract thousands of fans around the world.

The parents thought of a fun theme for their son's birthday, the guests ended up screaming (Illustrative image / Pixabay)
The parents thought of a fun theme for their son’s birthday, the guests ended up screaming (Illustrative image / Pixabay)

Due to the great taste that exists for dinosaurs, several parents choose them as entertainment for their children’s birthdays. hire a entertainer in a huge costume for the boys to take photos, play and have fun seems to be a great idea at first glance. However, children are often unpredictable and what makes adults laugh, makes them cry.

In Tiktok, the video of a children’s birthday full of balloons, food, games and many entertaining children went viral. The parents of the birthday boy had prepared a big surprise: an entertainer dressed as a dinosaur to entertain the guests. But when the costumed entertainer entered the room, the scene turned into chaos.

They hired a dinosaur for their son’s birthday and got a surprise

Some guys they began to scream desperately while others ran to get as far away as possible from the great animalwhile her eyes filled with tears. The worst part of it was taken by those who were playing inside a large bouncy castle because the dinosaur approached them and stuck its head in preventing them from getting away from the claws. The kids were cornered and completely terrified before the animal.

The situation surprised the adults who were at the party and especially the parents of the birthday boy who shared the video on social networks.

“We hired a dinosaur for my son’s birthday party and it didn’t turn out as expected”They commented, surprised by what happened at the celebration.

The dinosaur surprised the birthday guests (Photo: Video capture / Tiktok / @fjerry)
The dinosaur surprised the birthday guests (Photo: Video capture / Tiktok / @fjerry)

The video quickly went viral it had 7.8 million views. More than 15 thousand people commented on the publication and gave their opinions about it. “The moment we almost died at Timmy’s birthday party”wrote one user. while another reminded Steven Spielberg movies and put: “All the boys love jurassic-park until he actually shows up at a party.”

Of course, there was no lack of those who made reference to the adults who were in the place: “All the boys left remembering that they almost died and their parents just laughed”. But, others put the spotlight on the entertainer and wondered, “Why did he run in like that?” Some also had the idea cross their minds to become dinosaurs for a party and they asked where they could buy a costume like that.

If there is one thing that is clear, it is that dinosaurs do not get along with children’s birthdays. The parents claimed that they will remember the moment for the rest of their lives. Now, they must think of a new way to entertain the guests because their last surprise did not turn out as expected.

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