James Rodriguez and Shannon de Lima

This is the case of some celebrities who, by entering into romantic relationships with people from other countries, become news. For example, Shakira is with a Spaniard, Falcao and J Balvin fell in love with Argentine women and Sofía Vergara with an American.

Nevertheless, there are other Colombians who fell at the feet of Venezuelans.

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In September 2018, rumors began of the romance between the soccer player and the Venezuelan model, but it was not until May 2019 that Rodríguez confirmed the relationship.

After a few months of dating they went to live together, first in Munich and then in Madrid, when the midfielder played for Bayern and Real Madrid respectively. The affair lasted two years, and once again it was the Colombian who announced that he was single.

“People, don’t believe everything you see on social media. You know how they are. I take this opportunity to tell you that I am not dating anyone, ”James revealed during a broadcast on Twitch in January of this year.

The actor who played ‘Nicolás Ortega’ in ‘La Ley del Corazón’ He was another who did not resist the charms of the Venezuelan woman.

Iván López has always tried to keep his love relationships away from public life. However, in November 2021 it became known that the artist He had married actress Vanessa Maradona, who was also pregnant at the time.

The couple welcomed their first daughter in April and named her Alegría.

The 44-year-old actor conquered the 34-year-old Venezuelan woman after meeting in the recordings of the series “El Comandante” on Canal RCN. In 2017, the couple formalized their courtship.

Since then they have been together, and although both maintain the relationship discreetly, it is one of the most stable couples in entertainment. In this 2022 they will celebrate five years together.

In an interview Juliette Pardau explained why she does not post photos with her partner on social networks: “I think there are aspects of life that must be kept private and the truth is that I have always been like that but I have never questioned it. That is, my previous relationships have not uploaded photos nor am I posting messages, so it is not something new.

James Rodríguez’s ex-partner followed in his footsteps and decided to take a chance with a Venezuelan. The athlete announced in February of this year that she had a boyfriend and that it was the actor and singer, Gabriel Coronel.

The artist told People Magazine in Spanish how they met: “We have a mutual friend who brought us together: she told me that Daniela was looking for a partner and she told Daniela that I was looking for a partner,” he confessed.

The couple have been together for seven months.

The singer and the daughter of the famous balladeer, Ricardo Montaner, met in 2014 at an event to promote a shampoo in Colombia. At that time nothing happened between them, but a year later she wrote to him and thus began their love story.

The couple married in 2020, and in April of this year the birth of their daughter Indigo was born. Currently, it is one of the most beloved marriages of Colombian and Venezuelan entertainment.

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