Backstreet Boys, talented thanks to witchcraft?

Where does the talent come from? Backstreet Boys, the group that yesterday caused a furor in Mexico City? In 1998 it became known that it was due to witchcraft.

In one of the episodes of the series “Sabrina”, the teenage witch, the singers are playing basketball when they begin to drink a soft drink that, moments before, the protagonist had prepared as a way to give talent to whoever it was.

Of course this is an accident, because the bottle with the preparation is lost for mysterious reasons, appearing in the gym and taken by the band.

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The Backstreet Boys, formed in 1993, have caused such an impact in the artistic world that their presence in film and television, whether in front of the camera or virtual, was something that could not be missed.

In the comedy “Esto es el fin”, starring James Franco and Seth Rogen, they make a special appearance with a halo included, since the band is supposed to be in heaven for their good life.

During the ending sequence, AJ, Howie, Brian, Nick and Kevin appear out of the blue after Jay Baruchel’s character (“The Sorcerer’s Apprentice”) is informed that he can think anything and transform into reality.

“Everybody” is the theme that begins to be heard, to later see the singers parading among the attendees of the celestial party, something contradictory to the original video of the song, where they were supposed to be in a castle and monsters.

“This Is the End” was a 2013 production that dealt with the termination of the planet by the devil, who brought people like Emma Watson, Michael Cera, Rihanna and Paul Rudd, playing themselves, into his clutches.

Two years earlier, the Spanish film “Three Cousins ​​and a Wedding”, starring Quim Gutiérrez (“The Last Days”), Raúl Arévalo (“The Minimal Island”) and Antonio de la Torre (“The Kingdom”), won him a tribute to the song “As long as you love me”.

The characters are different: there is the permanent “sick”, the gallant and the serious, but they must come together to get out of the mess that a celebration entails and they decide on something that made them a sensation when they were younger.

The steps popularized by the BSB, with some comedic dialogue and sometimes exaggerated movements, required weeks of rehearsals for the actors.

“I can’t be objective, I’ve been a Backstreet Boys fan for 17 years, the cousins ​​go out, I love this scene,” user Anuska Carter wrote at the time, in the fragment of the dance uploaded to YouTube.


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