Selena Gomez and Coldplay release a song together

Did you think that the rumors of collaboration between Taylor Swift and the Jonas Brothers was the best thing you heard this week? That’s because you still hadn’t found out what new musical union, this time confirmed, was going to leave you speechless. And yes, Selena Gomez has just announced a new project of the most special from the hand of one of its favorite groups for years, Coldplay. Chris Martin’s band and the singer have just released the song that is already taking the world by storm.


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Selena Gomez and Coldplay, together in the most listened to new song

After the break she needed two years ago, the artist came back stronger than ever. So much so that, in record time, she was able to release a new albumsurprise everyone with their own makeup line (Rare Beauty) and even become an authentic Chef for his millions of fans. Thus, Selena Gomez regain his position celebrities influentialreinforced thanks to its last great project: Let Somebody Goa new song with Coldplay. This musical group has just released an album (Music Of The Spheres) and, in it, you will also hear the businesswoman, more excited than ever for having been able to share a recording studio with one of her favorite singers, Chris Martin.


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“It’s a dream come true that I’m singing on an album with Coldplay,” the artist herself told The Sun newspaper. The song, which is called Let Somebody Go, talks about the ins and outs of a toxic relationship, how necessary it is to let go and the subsequent duel involved in doing so. In fact, there are many fans of Selena those who assure that the letter has a clear allusion and that is her ex-partner, Justin Bieber. Singer who they also claim to have dedicated her last song to, Ghost, to the artist. However, there is no confirmation by either party.

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