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Robert Thomas Pattinson was born in London on May 13, 1986 by their parents Richard And Claire, a classic car importer and a model agency employee. He was encouraged, at the age of 12, to be a model by his mother, but his career ended four years later. The actor admitted that he was not very interested in school, but his attention as a teenager had been captured by the theater. He began helping behind the scenes of his local theater company before deciding his place was on stage.

An agent noticed this and saw potential in him and without hesitation began looking for professional roles in television and film. After several small appearances in TV movies, Robert got the part that would have pointed him out, playing the head of the school Cedric Diggory in “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire “ in 2005.

The magic of Hogwards

Robert Pattinson stated that, thanks to his role in the saga of “Harry Potter”Who decided that acting would become his job. This was his first major cinematic experience. The actor, speaking of the set, confessed that the atmosphere during the filming was serene, surrounded by extremely kind and caring people. During this first experience he was just 19 years old even if alongside him there were the three protagonists of the saga: Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson And Rupert Grint.

He never felt discouraged or out of place, by actors who were younger than him and with a lot of experience behind them already. This experience marked him particularly, positively, since the younger actors were protected as if they were students in a school. The work was perceived not as a stressful situation, but as a pleasant one.

Robert Pattinson the Vampire of Forks

Robert Pattinson from 2008 to 2012 he played the role of the vampire Edward Cullen in the saga “Twilight“. A role that kept him busy for several years and a too controversial character in relation to the actor’s personality. He himself does not remember with the same enthusiasm of “Harry PotterHis stint as a “vampire,” though it made him a popular teen star. In several interviews the actor stated that the character he played was too unstable, almost unbearable. The script was perhaps the product he most hated, the books taken from the film saga were twisted for him.

Probably too personal, to the point of thinking that the author Stephenie Meyer personified in Prettythe protagonist of the film. Robert he has always denounced a profound malaise on the set, probably also due to the positive success he has encountered. Private and public life for some fans seemed the same. So obsessed with the love story between “Edward And Pretty“They could no longer distinguish the real from the film, leaving no” breath “to the two actors.

Matt Reeves’ Batman

Without his role in “Twilight“, The producers probably would not have noticed him and to date he would not have shot in major films like”The Lighthouse“, In 2019,”Tenet“, The following year and”The Batman“In 2022. Un Batman angry and erratic. Thanks to this role Robert Pattinson finds the same enthusiasm as “Harry Potter“, Almost forgetting about his vampire past.

The director chooses to build “The Batman”In symmetry with two co-protagonists who are vital to the film function, making it almost a detective story, without necessarily wanting to pursue the love story with a happy ending for the two protagonists. Robert Pattinson plays a gloomy Dark Knight. He is the vengeance and the shadow. Despite the casting criticism addressed to the protagonist of “Twilight“, That of Robert Pattinson looks like the Batman winning, a character who goes back to origins, like the actor who plays him.

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