Insider leaks screenshots of what would be the new Silent Hill

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At this point, fans of Silent Hill they have lost most of their hope for a new installment because everyone knows that Konami’s priorities are different, in fact the company has done very well with other businesses without the need to invest in video games. However, there is still a small light on the horizon and this time it is not about rumors, but about material that supposedly belongs to one of the projects of the franchise in development.

This is real, son! They share new material Silent Hill

One of the most important insiders in the horror video game scene, Dusk Golem, has just ignited the hype for the return of Silent Hill moments ago. It all started in a matter of minutes, when the Twitter user reported that he had obtained permission to leak material related to a new installment of the Konami franchise. Half an hour later, Dusk Golem presented 4 captures that, apparently, correspond to one of the projects in development of Silent Hill.

They ensure that there is more than one Silent Hill Developing

According to the information that he was able to make public, the names of 2 characters stand out, Anita and Maya, and references to text messages via cell phone. The first capture shows an abandoned house full of garbage bags, in total neglect and with a crib in the background. The second shows a female character with parts of the skin of her face detached that reveal some stickers with phrases, the most notorious being “I hate myself” “I hate myself”. Then she finds a room and a corridor full of those same stickers, all of them with offensive phrases, which suggests a situation of depression and emotional collapse.

Finally, another image of the abandoned house is shown, but in this case it includes a text that refers to 2020 as the year in which this material is being presented. According to Dusk Golem, the captures he showed have been authorized by his contacts and he assures that it is something serious and reliable, so he ventures to assume that the material is real. Also, the insider pointed out that there is more than one game of Silent Hill in development and closed his publication trusting that the reveal of the game will happen soon, so it only remains to wait.

What do you think of the leaked material of what would be the new Silent Hill?

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