An actress from ‘Princess by surprise’ exposes the harsh reality of surviving in Hollywood

Having a successful movie in Hollywood means nothing. When it comes to continuing to work basically it doesn’t matter if an actor has appeared in a classic or blockbuster if in the present he can’t get new opportunities that allow him to get excited and continue learning. That is what he is living Heather Matarazzobetter known as Lilly Moscovitz, Anne Hathaway’s best friend in surprise princess.

And it is that despite being in the industry since she was a girl, at 39 years old she feels exhausted from continually trying to survive in the business.

Heather Matarazzo and Anne Hathaway at the premiere of

Heather Matarazzo and Anne Hathaway during “The Lord of The Rings: The Two Towers” Premiere – New York at Ziegfeld Theater in New York City, New York, United States. (Photo by Jim Spellman/WireImage)

Heather took her frustration out on Twitter, sharing with her followers and the world that she is “fighting to survive” as an actress. I have reached my limit with the games the universe is playing. I’m fed up. I’m tired. I honestly feel lost” he wrote on Wednesday, May 11, in a series of tweets that he later deleted.

I feel lost because I feel like I’ve done the job for a long time without complaining.” continued, as reported by media such as BuzzFeed. “I accepted disappointments, rejections, etc., and kept [la idea de] that rejection is a redirection. I have had continuous faith in the universe, but today, something broke. I feel melted.”

The actress, who debuted as an actress at just 7 years old and experienced the sweet taste of applause with welcome to the dollhouse at 13, he shared feeling the need to achieve a life-changing professional victory. “I have given my life to acting for 30 years. And I’m tired of fighting to survive. I need a win. One that changes my life. Because this isn’t it.” sentenced.

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His tweets immediately aroused the sympathy and concern of the networks, with dozens of messages responding to his posts on Twitter, but also comments of support that can be read on his Instagram photos. And it is that although Heather Matarazzo has appeared in outstanding films such as Deal with the devil, Scream 3 Y Hostel IInone of her jobs ended up placing her in a stable position in the industry. But after three decades, she continues to depend on castings and living rejection as one more in the business. She already said it in an interview to Guardian in 2017.”I don’t know if I took a step back from Hollywood or if Hollywood took a step back from me.” publicly confessing that, between the rejection and the loss of loved ones, his mental health was so affected that he had suicidal thoughts at one point in his life. “I thought ‘what kind of twisted universe is this?’ The fact that he’s still here is a miracle.” said. And it is that Heather, who was adopted after arriving at an orphanage, experienced depression and PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), aggravated by the death of her biological and adoptive father in the same year.

And the world will recognize her for her role as Mia’s loyal and fun best friend in surprise princess and its sequel, but his life is far from resembling that of a Hollywood star like his partner Anne Hathaway. On the one hand, she suffered from the typecasting of being the geek girl of surprise princess Y Welcome to the dollhouse and on the other, all the most outstanding films of her filmography in recent years delegated her to a secondary role.

In that interview he exposed the truth to the world, making it clear that the privileges of the industry are only experienced by those who reach the top. Besides, Gaining recognition as a child in nerdy girl roles took a toll on her teenage self-esteem, when she began to hear herself described as “ugly” either “simple”.I began to have a firm understanding of how others saw me and took others’ opinions of me as absolute truths.” he said in 2017.

In recent years, due to the constant lack of work and rejection at auditions, he even considered signing up to drive cars for Lyft (an application similar to Uber).

In an independent project that lasts two or three weeks, at most I get paid $125 a day after working between 16 and 18 hours” assured five years ago, explaining how difficult it was to raise enough money to pay the rent. For a while he supplemented his salary by teaching and co-writing scripts, but it wasn’t enough. Most people probably think that they pay me a lot of money. But reality is not like that, and also for most active actors. I drive a wrecked Prius and just bought my first new pair of shoes in two years.” he said then.

However, it seems that things have not changed for her. We will know her face and we recognize her right away when we see her appear in a series or movie, but that does not mean that her success has become her life partner. But, on many occasions, an actor may have a couple of blockbusters or classics on his resume that, in the end, mean nothing. Especially when a character can pigeonhole them to the point of resulting in missed opportunities.

Although Heather Matarazzo deleted her recent comments on social networks after the impact they had, she made it clear to us that her life is far from being a Hollywood rose story.

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