The Kardashians are on the same blacklist as Justin Bieber and Floyd Maywheather

Not all the money in the world guarantees you access to a Ferrari. “There are things that money can not buy”. This is the same motto that the brand applies to keep its level of exclusivity very high. The famous Italian firm maintains a blacklist of celebrities who are prohibited from buying its vehicles, including Justin Bieber, Floyd Maywheather and the Kardashians.

No matter how famous you are, nor the number of zeros in your bank account, much less the number of followers on your social networks, Ferrari always “reserves the right of admission” and that is why it has a blacklist where there are artists, singers, influencer and tycoons, whose money is not enough to access a very high-end car. The Italian brand has never admitted that there is such a list of names that cannot access Italian sports cars no matter how many millions they have, although it does reserve the option of carefully choosing who has access to its most exclusive units. Myth or reality, these are the ones indicated.

The requirements that you must meet vary from market to market, but they may ask you to have owned a Ferrari before, they will appreciate your passion for the brand or they will prohibit you from selling the car during the first year: after this time, if you want to part with he the brand should be the first to know. There is also a tacit “agreement” on the use of the car that is important to the firm and that is the reason why Justin Bieber and Floyd Maywheather, among others, entered the Ferrari blacklist.

Justin Bieber

Bieber not only drove his Ferrari 458 under the influence of alcohol, he also forgot where he had parked it and it took a couple of weeks before he found the vehicle.. In addition to that, the singer modified and painted a Ferrari 458 Italia neon blue. That is why the Italian firm announced that it will not sell more cars to the interpreter of ‘One time’. For his part, the boxer Mayweather, although he has several models of the Ferrari brand, none of them have been purchased at an official dealer, since the automaker does not want to be associated with the lifestyle he shows on social networks, where he publishes images of his cars surrounded by money and scantily clad women.

Kendall Jenner’s Ferrari has a black Ferrari which is one of her favorite cars, however her sister, Kim Kardashian is on the brand’s blacklist because she accepted a Ferrari as a wedding present from a known financial scammer.

Floyd Mayweather/ Europe Press

The actor Nicolas Cage also entered the firm’s blacklist when due to economic problems he was forced to sell his Ferrari Enzo in order to pay off some of his outstanding debts, but the Italian brand did not like that the price of the car was much lower than its original value. Justin Bieber, Floyd Maywheather and Kim Kardashian are just some of the celebrities censored by the Italian firm and who at the moment cannot even dream of driving a Ferrari.

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