Fast & Furious was supposed to end years ago, for everyone’s sake

Justin Lin badly left filming of Fast & Furious X. A news that has made a lot of noise, but has not surprised those who have followed this saga for a very long time also at the level of production and conception. Connected to a gigantism from which it can no longer escape, Fast & Furious has met a deep qualitative deterioration over the last few years, net of the 6 billion dollars collected to date and many had predicted this crisis years in advance. The video in which Vin Diesel almost physically forced a very unconvinced Lin to sing along with him for the fans, remains without a doubt the perfect exemplification of why the franchise could, should have ended a long time ago. We could have avoided going beyond the lawful, overcoming common sense but above all becoming something completely different from what his fans have loved for a long time.

Once it was just racing cars

We all remember how it started: as a teen product among the best structured and most in line with the narrative of its timewith the latest glimpses of the MTV Generation exalting itself for roaring engines, an anthology hip hop soundtrack and characters, however simple, incredibly effective.

Fast & Furious was a universe inhabited by topoi vintage in disguisestarting with him, Dom Toretto, that seemed to emerge from certain genre films of the 80s, with his muscular machismo, his rebellious air, that “my life a quarter of a mile at a time”Which was the perfect metaphor for the American Dream 2.0. The City of Angels was the cradle from which a gigantic success was born, in which no one believed or hoped, apart from him, Vin Dieselwho up to that moment had distinguished himself as a character actor, but working with top-level directors, always learning something.

Pitch Black only the year before it attracted the attention of audiences and critics to him, it was a sci-fi b-movie like it hasn’t been seen for a long time. But to retain an entire generation around a saga on clandestine cars? Impossible. Yet it happenedand on balance this interminable, infinite franchise has survived the historical blockbusters, other sagas, has been able to adapt to the evolution of Western society, also by virtue of an inclusiveness that from the beginning had in female characters anything but passive or discounted a symbol.

It is a merit that was recognized somewhat late, as well as having created an action dimension in which both the aesthetics of the video clip that Michael Bay had elevated to an art form, and the best of anime, merged. of oriental action cinematography in general. Now, after twenty years we are no longer on the Californian freeways or against crime lords, but in spacefighting super villains who seem to have emerged from the Avengers and dealing with a hypertrophic gigantism that has killed every suspension of disbelief, made the creator a slave to his own creature.

The importance of Justin Lin in the franchise

In this imperious pursuit of global and generational success, of iconic status for Toretto and his Family, Justin Lin played a far from secondary role. Already with Better Tomorrow it provided hints and ideas on how to be able to broaden that narrative universe, to make it one with the new multicultural society of the 21st century, which could not have the two symbols only in Diesel and Walker, nor be limited to California.

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