Atlético de San Luis vs Pachuca: Goals, Summary and Videos

Athletic San Luis Y Pachuca They played a match worthy of Quarter finals. The potosinos do not stop giving surprise in the current contest and at the last minute they made the Alfonso Lastrasafter saving the 2-2 and it will be next Saturday when the second semifinalist is known.

Half an hour was enough Athletic San Luis already the Tuzos to make the potosino property vibrate with the shout of goal, because with just five minutes on the clock, those of the Beautiful Airy took the lead on the scoreboard thanks to Nicholas Ibanez.

It is worth mentioning that the Argentine did not celebrate his goal, after applying the ‘Law of the ex’, and he did not even celebrate the great performance he had when finishing off with a header.

Subsequently, taking the momentary advantage, those commanded by William Almada They showed their danger especially on the wings. However, the potosinos had a good reaction and began to approach the rival goal, but the ball remained in the hands of Oscar Ustari.

Nico Ibáñez apologizing to the San Luis fans

The local team continued to dominate the match and it didn’t take long for them to caress the tie, because after John Murillo was shot down by Kevin Alvarezthe whistler resorted to VAR to verify the play, who decided to mark the maximum penalty.

In this way, he was the star scorer, German Berterame the one in charge of putting the 1-1 from the penalty mark x who left Ustari with no chance to prevent the ball from entering his door.

In the final stretch of the first half, both teams played a very divided game as they sought to break the tie. After a lot of intensity, they only managed to heat up the spirits between Rubens Sambueza Y Erik Sanchez who were booked and finally none managed to increase the score.

When resuming the match, the goalkeeper Marcelo Barobero was deserving of putting on the hero’s cape by maintaining the tie, after the dangerous plays of the Tuzos. However, he was surprised by Ibáñez, who sealed his double by receiving a serve from Kevin Alvarez. As long as it’s last minute John Sanabria made it 2-2.


Berterame in celebration with San Luis

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