Where to watch the complete saga of John Wick

The films directed by Chad Stahelski and starring Keanu Reeves are considered among the best action films of recent times.

Parabellum was the last to arrive at the cinema, in 2019.
© IMDbParabellum was the last to arrive at the cinema, in 2019.

From The Matrix what Keanu Reeves It was not so associated with a successful saga. Become an action hero again, as he did in movies like Maximum speed Y Limit Point In the early 1990s, the Canadian actor took on the role of this infallible hitman whose mere mention of his name makes any criminal shudder. Emerged in 2014 from the hand of Lionsgatehad a modest reception but word of mouth made it unmissable.

After the first film, the saga of John Wick it was increasing the budget and betting on expanding. This is how two more movies came about, but it was also confirmed that there will be a series focused on the Continental hotel (which will not have Reeves in its cast) and also a spin-off that will have Anne of Arms as the protagonist and will focus on a character from the third film.

+Where to watch John Wick in streaming

3 – John Wick

Released in 2014, it served to present the (now) iconic character of Keanu Reeves: a retired hitman who the murder of his puppy, the last gift from his dead wife, drags him back to life in the criminal world where he begins his path of revenge. Of course, this will have consequences and will put a price on his head that makes him a target for any hit man that circulates in New York. you can see it in Amazon Prime Video and in Movistar Plus.

2 – John Wick: Blood Pact

The second movie of John Wick It begins with a mind-bending chase in a taxi garage and then moves its action to Rome, Italy. The protagonist is forced to travel to Europe to comply with a blood pact from which he cannot escape, as a result of the severe and respected rules that are part of the circle of murderers in which he was formed. you can see it in Star+ and in Netflix.

1 – John Wick: Parabellum

In 2019, the third film in the saga was released, which until then was supposed to put an end to the trilogy. However, with his end he left everything open to continue with a fourth film that will only arrive in 2023. This time, we will see John Wick be expelled from the assassins guild and, without any kind of protection, will be at the mercy of all the hit men in the world. you can see it in Netflix Y Movistar Plus.

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