What happened to Wesley Snipes? The great physical change of the ‘Blade’ actor who went through jail

After a long season in which has kept a low profilethe name of wesley snipes rang again after passing through the red carpet at the last gala of the oscars, where we could see him after a long time withdrawn from the public sphere, and visibly changed from the 90’s movies that propelled him to fame.

His most important participations came in the mid 90’swhen he became a popular actor in the fantasy and action genre with movies like ‘Demolition Man’ and ‘New Jack City’, which catapulted him to star in the saga ‘Blade’in which he played the vampire slayer from the Marvel comics, and with which achieved international fame.

The truth is that his time at the Oscars has not been his true comeback, since this happened in 2013when your friend Sylvester Stallone landed him a role in ‘The Expendables 3’. It was just the year that Snipes got out of jailafter being arrested in 2008 for tax evasion. The actor was already chaining a bad streak in which he had been displaced from large productions, supposedly, because of how difficult it was to work with him.

But the comments that he has generated in his last appearances have not been because of his professional career, but because of his vastly changed appearance since those movies that made him so popular. The actor has reappeared thinner than i was before, and visibly aged, which has alarmed many of his fans, concerned about his health.

The actor has not commented on these comments about your physiquebut the truth is that anyone who has followed his career in recent years will know that Snipes is working at full capacity, and although he has not appeared in major blockbusters since ‘Los Mercenarios’, his career is still active.

Above all, thanks to Eddie Murphywhich helped him relaunch with ‘I am Dolemite’ in 2019, and in ‘The King of Zamunda’ in which Eddie Murphy once again had his friend, assuring him a role in the sequel to the successful ‘The Prince of Zamunda’. Meanwhile, we have also been able to see him in the miniseries ‘A very true story’hand in hand by Kevin Hart a kind of autobiographical drama about the comedian in which Snipes has a leading role.

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