Video: Khloé Kardashian shows off the luxuries of Kris Jenner’s new mansion in amazement

Khloé Kardashian was amazed at the luxuries of Kris Jenner.

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A few months ago it was announced that Chris Jennerthe matriarch of the Kardiashan, had spent close to $20,000,000 on the purchase of a mansion in the Hidden Hills areawhose interiors were unknown until now.

Through a video, lasting 28 seconds, Khloe Kardashian He allowed us to know part of the luxuries that his mother enjoys in her new millionaire residence.

“Living in the world of Kris Jenner is fabulous, like being surrounded by opulence and a dirty martini in a crystal glass covered with diamonds,” said Khloé, who could not hide her surprise at her mother’s life of eccentricities.

Although the clip is short, that was not an impediment for us to realize what her kitchen, her dining room, her bar, her living room, her terrace, her garden area and even the place where she keeps her expensive crockery looks like. porcelain.


The living room, which is the first room that appears in the video, is made up of a long brown armchair, four individual armchairs, a coffee table, two stools, a table for their martinis, a fireplace and by a wall-mounted television.

Kitchen room

The kitchen is open and very spacious. It is equipped with white cabinets, with high-end appliances, with a central island that can function as a breakfast area, but also to prepare food.

In one corner of his kitchen he has a huge cellar where he keeps his very expensive collection of porcelain tableware from Hermès, Gucci Herbarium, Flora Danica from Royal Copenhagen, among other prestigious brands.

Dining room

Its dining room, located next to a large window, has a rectangular table in dark tones, with various green chairs, as well as a beige stool and various plates hanging on the wall.


Its bar is made up of a marble bar, a canteen in which it stores a wide collection of glasses and bottles of the most bombastic labels.

It is expected that for this Thursday, when the new chapter of ‘The Kardashians’ is released, Kris and Khloé show us the remaining rooms and that until now are a mystery.

According to the information, released by various media, the new residence of the television celebrity is farm-style and has an extension of 17,000 square feet.

The property has extensive green areas, a terrace, a swimming pool with its respective spa area, a barbecue area and several trees.

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