This is what Amber Heard looked like in her first role on television, before meeting Johnny Depp

The trial between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp continues and during the process thousands of fans have begun to review the careers of both interpreters and although Depp has a very extensive career, Heard had his first success relatively recently and many will be surprised to see the look with which appeared on television in the mid-2000s.

Born in Austin, Texas, Amber Heard began her acting career playing small roles in several movies and series, until she gradually made her way to stardom and the immense recognition she achieved with “Aquaman”. One of those small, but very important roles that she was in the series “The OC”

Amber Heard’s appearance on “The OC” and how much the actress has changed over the years

Like many other actors of his generation, Heard was able to take advantage of the weight of the youth series “The OC”, which premiered in 2003, to obtain a space to demonstrate his talent. In one of the episodes, the usual characters end up locked in a shopping center after it closes and that is where the actress appears.

Looking much younger, with long hair and a very period outfit, the actress played a saleswoman in one of the stores in the mall, which, however insignificant it may be, served as a springboard for millions of young people they saw her

Over the years, Amber Heard got bigger roles like in the tape “Machete Kills” or “The Ron Diaries”, where she met Johnny Depp, with whom today she is leading one of the most media trials of recent years and which has become the news of the last decade.

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