They capture JLo and Ben Affleck visiting a $68,000,000 mansion and even took their sister-in-law

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez were seen visiting a luxurious mansion in California.

Photo: Getty Images/Grosby Group

The couple made up of Jennifer Lopez and by Ben Affleck continues in search of his love nest, when it became known that they were seen visiting a luxurious mansion in Los Angeles California.

The property, which was toured by Bennifer last Saturday, has a value of $68,000,000 dollarsa figure that would seem stratospheric to anyone, but not to them.

According to information released by various media outlets, the couple went to the place – where they remained for about an hour – in the company of a real estate agent and Beautifulthe sister of ‘La Diva del Bronx’, who seemed to have nothing better to do and joined the real estate expedition.

The ‘casita’, whose architecture is modern, has a total of 12 bedrooms and 24 bathrooms, so it has more than enough space to accommodate a large family.

It also draws attention to its glass walls, which gives it even more space than it already boasts.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are still looking for their new home (The Grosby Group)
Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are still looking for their new home (The Grosby Group)

So far it is unknown if they have already fallen in love with this residence or if they will continue to search for a site that meets all their demands, because, apparently, until now none has completely conquered them.

In addition to this property, the couple of the moment has also been seen touring an authentic French palacea residence of $165,000,000 dollars and one more from $65,000,000 dollarsof which it was said that they had already given a section, but for one reason or another the operation did not come to fruition.

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