The winner of the BCN Film Fest ‘La conferència’ arrives in cinemas

Movistar + looks at the global race for the vaccine against covid and the women victims of the war in Ukraine

The German film ‘La conferència’, which was the big winner at the BCN Film Fest, arrives in theaters dubbed into Catalan. The feature film, which won the award for best film, recreates the meeting of Nazi leaders in which the systematic murder of millions of Jews during World War II was decided. Also coming to the big screen is the Catalan co-production ‘The Turtle Maneuver’, a thriller about the Inspector Manuel Bianquetti saga. On the other hand, among the novelties that reach the video-on-demand platforms, the Movistar+ documentary about the global race in search of the covid-19 vaccine and another about the women victims of the war in Ukraine stand out.

‘The conference’

The film ‘La conferència’ is released dubbed in Catalan. The action takes place on January 20, 1942 when prominent representatives of the Nazi regime meet in Berlin-Wannsse to decide on the systematic murder of 11 million Jews. The film was declared the winner of the recent BCN Film Fest.

‘The Turtle Maneuver’
‘The Turtle Maneuver’ focuses on inspector Manuel Bianquetti who is forced to accept a transfer to a police station in Cádiz. His initial tranquility will be broken by the discovery of a corpse that will remind him of a crime from the past. With the disagreement of superiors, the protagonist will start a solitary investigation to find the culprit following some clues that could be the fruit of the imagination. The cast includes Natàlia de Molina, Fred Tatien and Gerardo de Pablos.

‘Fire Eyes’
‘Eyes of Fire’ is an adaptation of the Stephen King classic that comes to theaters from the producers of ‘The Invisible Man’. The film tells the story of a girl with extraordinary pyrotechnic powers who fights to protect her family from herself as well as from those who want to capture and control her. Kurtwood Smith, John Beasley and Gloria Reuben star in the film directed by Keith Thomas.

‘Father Stu’s Miracle’
Based on a true story, ‘The Miracle of Father Stu’ tells the story of a lost soul who finds meaning in his life in the most unexpected place. A boxer will have to finish his career when he gets injured and after a life change he will start going to church. The protagonist will end up becoming a priest and will try to inspire the people around him. The film stars Mark Wahlberg, Mel Gibson, Jacki Weaver and Teresa Ruiz.

‘wonderful minds’
A road movies with a funeral car as the protagonist. That is what ‘Beautiful Minds’ proposes. It is a film that tells the story of Louis, a bachelor who works in a funeral home, who will come across Igor, a free spirit in a handicapped body. Together they will start a trip in a funeral car to take the body of a deceased to where she has to be buried. Along the way, the two men will learn to love life as it comes.

‘Waiting for Mister Bojangles’
‘Waiting for Mister Bojangles’ tells the story of little Gary who lives with some eccentric parents and an exotic bird in a flat in Paris. Every night the parents, Camile and Georges Fouquet, dance with love ‘Mr. Bojangles’, his favorite song. In fact, they live in a house where there is only room for fun, fantasy and friends. But as the unpredictable mother focuses on the depths of her mind, Gary and the father will have to fight to keep Camile alive.

‘Oliver’s Universe’
‘Oliver’s Universe’ takes the viewer back to 1985. Oliver is a boy with a great imagination who moves with his family to the southernmost point of Europe just as Halley’s Comet is about to pass by. This fact will mark the emotional life of the protagonist who will seek in the stars the solution to his problems.

‘A new world’
‘A new world’ presents a manager of a large company who sees how work pressure destroys his family. After losing his wife and decades as a top manager of an industrial group, the protagonist does not know how to respond to the demands of the company. There comes a time when he decides to take stock and decide the meaning of life.

‘Ennio, the teacher’
‘Ennio, el maestro’ is a documentary about one of the most popular musicians of the 20th century, twice Academy Award winner and author of more than 500 soundtracks: Ennio Morricone. It is an endearing tribute with testimonials from artists and directors, with fictional scenes and fragments of his music.

‘They transport death’
‘Eles transportan a morte’ proposes a journey to 1492 when among Cristòfol Colom’s crew there are three men who should have died. The three men have avoided convictions by participating in the uncertain voyage of Columbus, but when they reach the Canary Islands they will flee. At the same time, at another point, a woman tries to save her sister in the hope that a doctor can take care of her. Both stories talk about avoiding death in two trips at the mercy of time and history.

‘Mama Muu returns home’
The children’s animation film ‘La Mama Muu returns home’ is also being released in Catalan. It explains how Mama Muu wonders if the meadow where she lives is really her house and if there is some other, even better place to live. The protagonist will have to get lost to find her way home again.

‘Hit the road’
‘Hit the road’ is Panah Panahi’s directorial debut. After the world premiere at the Cannes Film Festival, he is now hitting theaters. It narrates the journey by car of a family that goes to an uncertain destination. It is a reflection of the Iranians who are forced to leave the country clandestinely as political exiles, a reality that the director of the film knows very well.

Marathon of premieres on Netflix
Netflix premieres a long list of series this week, including ’42 Days in the Dark’ (May 11), ‘Wild Beauty’ (May 12), ‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ (May 13), ‘New metas’ (May 13) and ‘A vampire in the garden’ (May 16).

‘Conversations between friends’, on HBO Max
The North American platform premieres the series that adapts Sally Rooney’s novel to the small screen, ‘Conversations Between Friends’ (May 15). The fiction focuses on the relationship between two young Dubliners and the turmoil generated by meeting a successful writer and, above all, her husband Nick, with whom one of the girls is involved.

Previously, the documentary series ‘Wild Romania’, shot over 10 years and which x-rays the entire natural landscape of the Eastern European country, will arrive on the platform (May 12).

The platform also premieres the second season of the Emmy award-winning series ‘Hacks’ (May 13).

Movistar+ and the vaccine against covid-19
The Spanish platform premieres the documentary ‘How to survive a pandemic’ on Thursday. The tape is the chronicle of the world race to manufacture the vaccine against Covid-19. It is a documentary by Oscar nominee David France (‘How to Survive a Plague’, ‘Welcome to Chechnya’), and it began to be recorded with the outbreak of the health crisis in 2020, and during 18 months of filming on the Scientists, laboratories and administrations work against the clock to obtain vaccinia.

And also in terms of current affairs, the platform premieres next Monday ‘Ukraine: women in war’, shot in the country at war and on the borders with Poland and Romania to give a voice to “the women who are victims of an orchestrated war by men.” The documentary, by the Spanish production company ‘La caña brothers’ and directed by Joel Rodríguez, explains the conflict from the perspective of mothers, daughters, sisters and wives of Ukrainians.

The exploitation of oil in Filmin
On May 17, the second season of ‘The Time of Happiness’ arrives at Filmin, new chapters of the award-winning drama about the exploitation of the most important oil field in the world and its consequences on Norwegian society.

Amazon Prime Adapts Colson Whitehead’s Pulitzer Prize
Amazon Prime Video premieres the original mine series ‘The Underground Railroad’ on May 14, a 10-episode fiction based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning novel by Colson Whitehead. It narrates the desperate attempt of an African-American slave from the southern United States to achieve freedom, before the War of Succession. On the other hand, the platform premieres on May 13 a documentary about the singer Lola Indigo and her career until the 2021 concert at the Wizink Center in Madrid.

The ‘spin off’ of ‘How I met your mother’ on Disney +
The creators of the popular North American series ‘How I Met Your Mother’ are the architects of the spin-off ‘How I met your father’, which premieres on the Disney + platform this May 11. The production has a more current and diverse air, and an actress takes the lead, precisely the former ‘Disney girl’ and singer Hilary Duff. She explains to her son her love story with her father.

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